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Aug 13, 2010 07:35 PM

Anybody tried La Bastide in Scripps Ranch?

My husband wants steak, but we don't want to dress up or go to far. Any other suggestions?

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  1. There won't be a big selection for steaks. Probably a filet and a NY strip. Rack of lamb will be on there if he's a fan. Bastide is ok. Its the only game in town for Scripps Ranch for the type of food they serve. There aren't many places to get a steak in Scripps Ranch.

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      This is spot on. Bastide is okay and the only game in town for French. They used to be better their first year. To give you an idea, I've ordered their rack of lamb 4 times. 2 times were awesome, 1 was okay, and 1 was raw. So I'm conflicted. Their garlic butter is wonderful, and bottom line they're hit or miss.

      I've stopped going since I started going to Chloe. Much higher success rate and actually a bit cheaper.

    2. La Bastide is certainly not a steakhouse and when I went there I don't recall seeing any steak on their menu. Even though they are supposed to be a french bistro their dishes seem to be more on the modern vs. classic side. No steak au poivre or steak frites there.

      I agree that it was just ok. Pretty hard to find good french bistro food let alone in SD. If I was going for modern french bistro I would make the drive down to the board darling Cafe Chloe. If I wanted steak I'd probably hit up a real steakhouse.

      Cafe Chloe
      721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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        We drove by La Bastide and it was empty. We ended up driving downtown to Cowboy Star and it was well worth the drive.

      2. Just went with my wife a few weeks ago.

        I ordered their duck duo which was really good. Perfectly cooked and the risotto that went with it was to die for.

        My wife ordered the seared scallops which were very fresh and cooked really well but a little salty. Her risotto was *very* rich. I bet there was enough butter in it to bake a couple of cakes. That said, it tasted really good. We were just terrified of eating too much of it at one sitting...

        We split their warm chocolate fondant with pistachio ice cream for dessert. Chocolate. Ice Cream. How can you go wrong?

        So, in short, we had a good time and will go again and like the others say, you can't get traditional French bistro food anywhere else in the area.

        1. Went the other night and had their pork chops which were some of the best I've ever had. I wish I could remember what they were cooked had such a nice sweet/savory sauce. My FIL had the lamb, which he loved, but I didn't get to taste. I think there was only one steak on the menu...filet. Not my favorite so I would never order. Their salads are delicious too. I think it's a lot better than the "only game in town" but maybe that's moer a reflection on the town than the restaurant. I still think I would like it well if it was in Clairemont, UTC, MIssion Valley. In say, North Park, I would say it's nice, but not make it a habit.

          P.S. Their truffle butter is the BEST. I have never had truffle butter anywhere else. So good. Still as a whole if you want french, Tapenade is the best (Anthony Bourdain apparently agrees - wow, I agree with Anthony Bourdain), and Chloe for more casual. It's much more artful than la bastide.

          La Bastide Bistro
          10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd, #104, San Diego, CA 92131

          1. That's kind of a shame - I've eaten at Le Bastide in the past and it was pretty good.

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              Just at La Bastide earlier in the week and I was surprised how good it was. nothing mind blowing, but solid bistro fare. We started with the Sweetbreads and Escargot with a nicely priced Sancerre. The sweetbreads were very good, not a good as Cowboy Star, but really good. Pet peeve of mine but why fry something crispy and sauce it on top? They were well fried and paired really well with the sauteed spinach underneath. Escargots were under-seasoned and soapy, just meh. I had the monk fish special and really enjoyed it, came with Parisian gnocchi and some sugar snap peas that were cooked perfectly. Wife had the bone in pork chop (thick cut) and it was cooked a perfect medium, served with a pan sauce with bacon and caramelized onions, had the left over for lunch really good. Service was excellent, we were well taken care of. Usually head to Cavaillon for Tapenade for French, but this is a lot closer and a lower price point. We will be back for sure. The other special was cassoulet that sounded and looked legit (food stalked). Although it is closer distance wise, going west-east in Mira Mesa is kind of night mare in the evening.

              La Bastide
              10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd, San Diego, CA 92131

              Cavaillon Restaurant
              14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127