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Aug 13, 2010 07:22 PM

where is the best confit de conard in montreal?


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  1. Are you talking about in a restaurant or for takeout?

    In any case and in both cases, the best -- the most traditional, savoury and succulent and not the most expensive -- confit I've found is at Le P'tit Plateau.

    See here for an earlier discussion with a pointer to a survey on another board of a couple of dozen local purveyors:

    1. >>where is the best confit de conard in montreal?

      LOL, this is priceless.

      >> Connard means jerk and/or Schmuck in french.

      EDIT: Canard is the french word for duck, While I do enjoy the one from the confit from le Lac brome, I'm pretty sure you can find better at Marche Jean-talon.

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        I was very tired when I typed that sorry yes Canard is what I meant , also eat in not take out.