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Aug 13, 2010 06:18 PM

where can i get huy fong's sambal olek or chili garlic (same mnf as sriracha sauce)?

I'm new to the DC area (moved fm New York where Chinatown is the place to get Asian food/ condiments/ ingredients).
A staple of mine was the sriracha chili sauce family! I've seen the Sriracha sauce around, but where can pick up the little sibblings of the giant chicken bottle--the Sambal Olek or Chili Garlic sauce?
I live in DC and don't actually have a car so any recommendations that are metro accessible would be welcomed!

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  1. The Metro-accessible requirement is a problem, actually. There are lots of good grocery stores where you can get a wide variety of Asian products (notably the H Mart and Grand Mart chains, which have several local branches). But these stores typically pick neighborhoods where there are lots of immigrants, which tend to be neighborhoods where the rents are affordable -- which tend to be neighborhoods where there are no Metro stops.

    If you want to eat well in the DC area (either at restaurants or cooking at home), you should consider cabs, Zip cars, or buses. The good stuff all too often isn't "Metro-accessible."

    That said, one option would be to take the Orange Line to Ballston and hike about 20 minutes to the Arlington Forest Shopping Center, where there is a small Filipino grocery that will have some of what you're looking for.

    You could get much better variety by taking the Orange Line to the East Falls Church stop and taking a cab to the closest Grand Mart (a Korean-owned chain), which is in Falls Church. I'd recommend Red Top Taxi, which has reliable phone-dispatched cabs (703- 522-3333).

    DC is much more like LA than New York where ethnic food is concerned. If you really don't want a car or a cab, your decent ethnic option are somewhat limited.

    Ballston Cafe
    4601 Fairfax Dr Lbby 2, Arlington, VA 22203

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      You can easily get to most of the big Asian markets in Fairfax County by connecting to a bus at one of the metro stations. Eden Center is a bus ride down Sycamore Street from the East Falls Church metro. The Chinese owned Great Wall (with a huge selection of Chinese and other asian chili sauces) and the H Mart in Merrifield are a short ride from the Dunn Loring station via Fairfax Connector, and the Super H in Fairfax is accessible from the Vienna station via the Cue bus.

      Eden Center
      Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

    2. whole foods or world market. I've bought it both places.

      1. If you go to the Huy Fong website, you can order anything you want. They have a wonderful sample pack for 8.00US of all three products you mentioned. There are two packs to choose from, and it's not medicinal sized, it's useful (8 and 17 oz.).

        1. Didn't the Giant between Pistone's and the old Syms change over to a Grand Mart? They should have it. That's about a mile and a half from the East Falls Church Metro stop at the intersection of Route 50 and Route 7.

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            All the Giants and Safeways in DC have Srirachi and chilis with garlic. These are not especially rare items in the metro area. Thank goodness.

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              Yes, that's a Grand Mart. Fairly short cab ride. Also walkable, but you wouldn't want to buy several bags of groceries if you did that. Grand Mart has the most amazing array of exotic produce of any store I've seen, but their fish section (slightly smelly) is nowhere close to the quality of H Mart's seafood.