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Aug 13, 2010 03:29 PM

Sugar Hill NH--recs?

We're staying at the Sugar Hill Inn next weekend--have dinner reservations at the restaurant, any feedback? Also, aside from Polly's Pancake House, any other recs in the immediate area for lunch?

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  1. I have eaten there twice and loved it!

    1. The Sugar Hill Inn is the best fine dining in the area. Great 5 course pre frixe menu with amuse bouche but wine list was a little sparse last time we ate there. Polly"s Pancake Parlor is a must. Wendles in Franconia would be a lunch option. I would avoid The Dutch Treat and The Sunset Hill Inn.

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        Thanks Shooley and Phideaux--we'll report back.

      2. I've eaten at Polly's once. I love the idea of getting three or four types of pancakes in multiple servings, but I generally consider their prices too high for what you get. It's basically a tourist trap.

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          But with a great view! And the cool red horse out front.

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            Yeah, I actually really like Polly's, but the prices are indeed high.

            Like Phideaux says, avoid Dutch Treat.

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              And the other thing I don't like about Polly's is that the waitress's cook the pancakes. It's not the most hygienic arrangement. (But yes, the view is wonderful and they do have that creepy wooden red horse out front.)

          2. Sunset Hill House just up the street is outstanding.

            1. Some quick feedback: dinners at Sugar Hill Inn were superb--Val, the chef, is self-taught, and elevates his cooking with inventive and counter-intuitive combinations. The pasta and clams featured a bolognese sauce on a little swirl of homemade pasta, topped with cherrystone clams--wow. His caesar salad comes in a parmesan tuile. The salmon poached in EVOO melted on the tongue. This was extraordinary cuisine, better than a lot of Boston or New York destinations. Pancakes for lunch at Polly's was fun--the secret is to call an hour ahead so your wait is minimal; we were seated within 2 minutes. Lunch at Cold Mountain in Bethlehem was OK--service dragged but the sandwiches and chowder were tasty.

              Can't stress enough how amazing the cuisine at Sugar Hill Inn is--the owner Steve has set a new standard for dining above the Notch!

              Cold Mountain Cafe
              2015 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574

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                whs, I'll be staying at Bishop Farm soon, and DGF and I decided to do dinner one night at Sugar Hill Inn. We considered dinner options among Ammonoosuc Inn and Sunset Hill House, but your recommendation for Sugar Hill Inn made my decision process a bit easier. I just told her: "But whs said....."

                I'll let you know how we like it - thanks for the suggestion!