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Aug 13, 2010 03:29 PM

Anyone try new Bamboo Village dim sum in Wallingford?

Just wondering if anyone's tried out the new Bamboo Village dim sum parlor in Wallingford (at that huge intersection of Stone Way/50th etc.) How's it compare with ID offerings? We're fans of Harbor City and Jade Garden in the ID for dim sum ...

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  1. We went and were very disappointed. We arrived after the end of cart service and ordered dim sum off the menu. The waitstaff was still sort of confused (it took three different people asking us if we wanted the dim sum menu before one of them finally brought it...and that's only after dropping off two other incorrect menus!) and they served items that had clearly been sitting at room temp for quite a while. I mentioned that and they wisked a plate away, only to bring it back with the same food, heated up, tough and scary. If only we'd seen that first thing and left...unfortunately we had already eaten some other disappointing re-heated plates and left feeling a little green around the gills. I'd try it again in a month or two when they are more comfortablely in the routine, but I'd be very careful to make sure the food is ok before eating anything.

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      I went last Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. Service was really spotty (don't think they've worked out the kinks yet), and food was hit-or-miss, but none of it bad. I stuck with the dim sum basics and the dishes that I thought were the weakest were the noodle rolls and the tripe. I'd say it's pretty comparable to any of the ID dim sum houses, but is not the best in Seattle. I'm happy to have it in the neighborhood and would definitely go back.

    2. I haven't, but a friend who is definitely one anti-foodie went and said it was definitely the best dimsum in Seattle.

      Which translates to "it probably isn't very good." I'll confirm the verdict probably next weekend.

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        OK, so my curiosity got the better of me and I made the mistake of trying this place out. This place was on a level worse than even Portland levels of "bad".

        Bottom line - they serve supermarket frozen-aisle prepackaged dim sum. How do I know this? We ordered har gow and siu mai (the 2 absolute principle staples of any dim sum meal) and one of them came with plastic packaging hanging off of it. Not Saran wrap, but commercial plastic packaging from a frozen food product, and the taste and texture undoubtedly confirms this finding. They dare to charge $3.80 for their "small" items, all the way up to nearly $6 for the large (and of course almost everything's a "large" there). We had 5 dishes (we usually order up to 8 or 9), and they were all low quality.

        The remodeling was tacky and low-grade - no more fancy than a low-end neighborhood Hong Kong style cafe, yet demanded prices more than worthy of the top dim sum restaurants in LA or NY.

        If it's any indication of things to come, it's more than a month after opening, and only 20% of the patrons were Asians during the noon dim sum hour.

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          Interesting. We went a week ago and I thought it was much better than the first time. In fact - we decided the sui mai was the best we've had in Seattle - I'd love to know where they get there's and save myself some $$! It is more expensive than what you can get in the ID, that's for sure. We usually end up between $10 and $15 per person and we were $21 at Bamboo Village. We did order quite a few specialty items though.

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          A friend who has the same distinction as HungWeiLo 's friend, also recommended this place to us. Which is why we haven't ventured over ;)

          I think this review by Linda C told me everything I need to know about Bamboo Village...

          I hear T&T Seafood Restaurant in Edmonds will be serving dim sum soon. I have high hopes for it (which I know can lead to big disappointment).

        3. I went the first day they opened and they were understandably overwhelmed. The food we got was great but it was hard to flag down a cart and there were many things we didn't get to try because they were gone from the cart by the time it got to us.

          I went for dinner a couple of weeks ago and it was very good - although I was with my parents so we ordered mainly 'safe' items.

          1. We went today and I have to say the dim sum is not that good to me. The service was good and the price was great but lots better dim sum in the ID. The food was bland and everything needed soy to have any taste. We will try again in a month or two.

            1. There's a new dim sum place in the north end at 105th and Greenwood. From the exterior, it actually looks like they might be catering to a Chinese customer base.


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                Thanks for the tip! Stopped in this morning and it was tasty!