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Aug 13, 2010 03:26 PM

Advice, please, on special occasion restaurant in Aptos/Santa Cruz area

8 friends from across the country are gathering in a rented house & we'd appreciate recommendations for a place for a landmark birthday meal. For this occasion, our budget is pretty high but since we'll have to leave kids with a babysitter we don't want to travel far from home base, so San Francisco or even San Jose restaurants are not an option. We have one person who doesn't eat meat, but does eat fish.

I appreciate your advice!

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  1. Haven't been since before they relocated, but first thought was Oswald in Santa Cruz.

    Had a nice meal our last visit at this place on the water:

    Aquarius Restaurant in the Dream Inn
    175 West Cliff Dr.

    Hopefully the locals can provide more current info.

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      Thanks a lot, PolarBear. This is very helpful.