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Last night, DH left his office in downtown Manassas and noticed secret service around Okra's restaurant. According to the local paper, Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha dined there last night. Article on insidenova.com. Strangely I haven't seen anything on the news. Usually her outings get lots of press and it would be nice to see Old Town Manassas get a little light shown on it.

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  1. Why should where Michelle Obama and Sasha dine (a public beach in Spain closing for the monumental occasion notwithstanding) in Virginia be newsworthy, even on a Chowhound.com post??

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      Maybe because the OP is hoping that Old Town Manassas might get some attention which would be good. I remember being delighted to discover it several years ago while attending an art show.

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        Thank you. That is exactly right. Old Town has been suffering due to the economy and it would be nice if this could give small, locally owned places a little boost.

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        Treating pols as celebs is as old as taverns 200 years ago that spread the word that "George Washington slept here".

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          Because it's fun and nice to see the First Family out enjoying the local dining scene......

        2. So how's Okra's Restaurant? Do you like it? Did Sasha?

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            Don't konw about Sasha, but yes I like it. I am surrounded by mostly chain restaurants, so I enjoy having a few non-chain choices near me. They serve cajun cuisine-gumbos, etouffe po'boys, etc. Casual place. My favorite item is the crab and corn chowder-so filling it is often my entree.,along w/ a salad. They have a great crawfish app. If you are visiting the Manassas National Battllefield National Park, it is worth a trip to come to Old Town and visit. The Manassas train depot where people came by rail to see the battle is two blocks away as it the Manassas Museum, which is a quaint local museum w/ Civil War artifacts.

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              Sorry, this sounded a bit disjointed. By battle, I was referring to the Firts Battle of Manassas during the Civil War when people arrived by train and buggy to witnwss the battle, often bringing a picnic lunch to view the action.

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                Sounds like an interesting place. I'm not sure where Old Town Manassas is. About the only place I've been in Manassas in recent years has been the Fairground, and that's kind of out of town, I guess. Would Okra's be a good place to stop for lunch on the way home?

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                  It would be a great choice for lunch. Their menu is online www.okras.com. Old Town is a few miles from the fairgrounds, just off 234.Address is 9110 Center St.

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                    mike, when you are out manassas way, scout around.

                    ps, h-t has their sub deal again till tuesday. $3.99.

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                      Old Town Manassas is on Rt 28, it's about 1.5 mi from the Fairgrounds, and a straight shot from 234. I don't particularly care for Okras, but it's not that it's not good, I just don't think I care for that type of cuisine (but I have nothing to compare it to).

                2. A couple of years back when an un-named storm hit New Orleans, Okras had a "guest" chef program to employ displaced cooks. I meant to go, but never did. Good things happen to good people, apparently...

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                    That is really, really wonderful to know about. It's reason enough to stop by Okra if I ever find myself in Mannasas.

                  2. october 1 pig roast sounds like a winner to me.

                    1. Speaking as a homesick Louisianian, albeit one who moved here 22 years ago, Okras is pretty good. Best approximation of Louisiana chow I've seen outside Louisiana.

                      Kind of like airport Lousiana food. But I am a tough sell.

                      Shedding a tear for LeRuth's and Chez Helene.

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                      1. re: Ilaine

                        i'm planning on going to the october 1 pig roast. have you been?

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                          Never been to the pig roast. It looks very interesting.

                          When I was living in NO I never saw a pig roast, although did see not too far north in the German Coast/Côte des Allemands region, also Gulf coast area of Mississippi around Mobile, AL. I don't think it's a Creole thing, maybe not a Cajun thing, either? At any rate, never saw it there.

                          But I do love a good pig roast.

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                          If Okra's is convenient to you, that can go a long way toward renewing a memory of "back home," but I probably won't make a special trip there from Falls Gulch. When I'm heading home from up north and it's near meal time, I've occasionally stopped at Clarence's Taste of New Orleans up north of Baltimore for a plate of Jambalaya. But I wouldn't make a special trip to Edgewood MD for it either.

                        3. I will definitely try Okra's the next time I'm ther- we ususlly stop by the restaurant across from the Old Town theatre space when we visit, so it'll be nice to see what else the area has to offer.

                          1. Ordered the seafood gumbo at Okra's for lunch. It was good but not delicious, and I decided to stop right there instead of continuing to order.