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Best place to buy grills?

Our charcoal grill is very old and falling apart, so I'd like to get a new one. Does anyone know the best place to go grill shopping in the Plano/North Dallas/Carrollton/Richardson area? I'd like a place with wide selection, including propane grills so I can compare, with staff that has good expertise.


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  1. Strickland Propane, they have grills, propane and propane accessories, ask for Hank.

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      Would love to check it out, but Arlen is such a schlepp.

    2. I think BBQ's Galore have the best selection and very competitive pricing. And, a very knowledgeable, helpful staff.
      The people at HD and Lowe's are totally in the dark most of the time.

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        +1 on BBQ Galore. They have a lot of grills for most any budget. Their staff is about as knowledgeable as you will find. They also carry the Weber line of charcoal grills. They have a good selection of "must-have" doo-dads and other impulse buys. They might be more expensive on a particular grill, but still, this is where I'd start, then do some internet shopping to see if you can find it for less. Or..... reward them for their knowledge with a purchase from them.

      2. I don't know, the last time I was in a couple of BBQ Galore stores they did not have much in stock. In late 2008 they sold out to I believe a Taiwanese company and a lot of what they use to market is no longer being made or marketed by BBQ Galore, unless those lines have been revived in their inventory since I was last in there which was late last year right before Christmas and that was the stores in Plano and Frisco and their staff in both stores were far from being "knowledgeable."

        I think the best place in Plano to shop for a new grill IMO is Elliott's Hardware off of Coit in the shopping center just north of Park. I would at all cost avoid the cheap junk sold at HD, Lowes, and Academy.

        My two cents,

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        1. The best place is a yard sale. I once bought a Hasty Bake (the finest grill in the universe) for the low, low price of 3 dollars. I spent an afternoon disassembling it and ordered two parts for a cost of 15.00. After scrubbing the rust away then dragging it to be powder coated (cost nothinmg, they were giddy to do this) my total cost was less than 20 bucks for a 1000 dollar grill.

          Or Strickland Propane (lol@ normalT)

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            I'll give you $40 and you can double your money. Always wanted a HB....

          2. My own Google research turned up Grill Doctor in North Dallas. Any reviews?

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              Jacksons on Lemon has a nice selection, but they charge an arm and three legs. Both of the Sur La Tables in the area have Weber Performers in stock and can order the full Weber line for you.

              I've always had good luck at the Grill Doctor at the corner of Coit and Beltline and I'm not sure if it's still there, but there was a great grill place in Allen right off of Central.

            2. I haven't been to the Grill Doctor in years but, I remember it as being a good place for grills.

              A tip: I've know more than a few guys (including my son) that have found really good grills very cheap on Craigslist.

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                One of the sales associates that use to be at Grill Doctor is now working at Elliots and he has been able to bring in a line of Tejas grills and smokers since he already had that connection with them when he was at Grill Doctor. See http://www.tejassmokers.com/

                Elliots also carries a wide range of Weber grills and smokers as well as Green Eggs, Primo Grills, and Southern Style Cookers, one of my favorites. See http://www.southernstylecookers.com/.

                I am a little confused though about Grill Doctor, I could have swore that they were out of business but their web site is still active so I guess I need to drive by there someday to find out.


              2. Here's one for you. Kalamazoo grills. Only, twelve large.


                Ignore! The link is dead. Sorry.

                1. We just got a new grill in June. We looked at Lowe's, Home Depot, BBQ Galore, and Great Indoors. Ended up getting a kick-ass Weber on Amazon.com for hundreds less and free delivery. You have to do your own research on-line because these sales guys really can't tell you much.

                  1. If there is a Lowes in your area I would strongly suggest that you check out the Char Griller Super Pro. I bought one two years ago after using a friends for the previous 4 years, and it is a real work horse. Easy to assemble, durable, with great features like an easy to add firebox to convert it to a grill/smoker. It's listed on their website for $119 now- I paid $149, and it is well worth it. Good luck. Hayneedle.com offers the same grill with free shipping (not sure of the list price).

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                      I think you really need to sit down and determine what price range you are in. A few months ago I did some research for both gas and charcoal grills. My girlfriend just bougth a house and was in need of both.
                      Long story short is that everyone swears by Weber but of course if you are getting gas the minimum price is $400 (with the better ones in the $750 and up range) and they hardly ever go on sale. For a charcoal grill Weber still seems a favorite but of course about a third of the price. Everyone seems to have great things to say about the Green Eggs but they are very pricey (about a grand.)
                      Went to BBQ Galore in Grapevine and Weber was the lowest priced models for gas grills they had. This should give you an idea of their customer. (This is a store that actually has utensils sets for well over $100.)
                      Also went to Sears/Lowes/Home Depot/Target/Walmart, etc. and while there are as many reviews for Grills online as there are stars in the night sky, I was raised to trust Sears and feel that they will back up their products even if this is no longer quite true.
                      I decided to wait for the end of summer/early fall as concensus is that the prices will fall (but not much for Weber.)
                      Good luck.

                    2. I have both a Weber gas and a charcoal grill (and a Weber smoker) and have always been very pleased with them (and weber customer service is great if you need advice or parts). However, i got a Big Green Egg last Christmas and the Webers are now basically in storage until my son gets a house. I LOVE my BGE and used it for everything.

                      Firehouse in Plano and Allen have a good selection & good sales people.


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                        frognot, Playing devils' advocate to BGE - I was watching a TV bbq competition a few weeks back. One of the competitors was extolling the virtues of his BGE, but qualified those praises by saying it's more of a high-heat smoker - said he opts for a traditional smoker when it comes to "low and slow". Since he had reached competition level, I'd assume he has some valid credentials to make that assessment.

                        I know that everyone has their own technique when smoking (from wood type, venting, etc). Was wondering your BGE experience with low and slow.

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                          Haven't had any problems with low & slow on the BGE. However, i had learned a lot about fire control with my Weber Smokey Mountain. It's very easy to get to hot real fast with a BGE and harder to bring temps down since the ceramic holds in heat so well so i start out with a small fire (lump charcoal & a few chunks of wood) and regulate the airflow closely.

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                            I have been able to get my Large BGE to smoke at 220 for over 30 hours without touching it! Put a couple of hardwood chunks in there with the lump charcoal and you are good to go. This is definately the best smoker that I have ever owned. It will sear your steaks at a temperature that you just can't get on any other type of grill as well.

                        2. Good timing on this post as I'm i the market for one of those big component type grills (where you can link the grill, burners, wok burner, sink ect.) made by Lynx, Viking or DCS. Does anyone have any experience with the grill part of these specifically? Brands? Anyone used the infered grill function? How does it perform relative to gas? Where should I look locally?

                          1. I use a small 2 burner gas (28,000 BTU) August Gourmet infrared BBQ.
                            It will char steaks just like a high end steakhouse.

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                              So, you would say, you like it better than gas for steaks?

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                                It is gas. Gas powered ceramic plates get red hot in 30 seconds.

                                Click on the second one from the top of the page. "August Gourmet Propane"

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                                  Would love to get my hands on one of these, or at least cook on one for a day. I have seen them and was curious how well they work. If you do a bbq invite me.

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                                One of my best friends has one and loves it. He also has a huge stainless gas grill as well.

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                                  I've had one for about a year and I like it. It did take me about a year to dial it in. It did take me to master it. Now it is great.

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                                    I have 2 BGE's and I never see myself returning to gas again. By far the easiest, most functional grill I have ever cooked on. I have cooked on gas and coals for years, in fact I still have a 20' trailered smoker I use for tailgating, but I have never once regretted buying the egg. I have cooked everything from paella, to pizza, brisket, steaks, chicken, chops, bread, on the egg.

                                  2. (2 years later) It always amazes me to see people, particularly in DFW still drying their food out on gas grills.
                                    It's just one of those things like betamax -- it just takes some folks ages to figure out they're wasting their money; you're literally buying a food dehydrator when you buy a gas grill. They're awful -- but that's become the "norm".

                                    Get a ceramic (Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe) and be done. The Firehouse in Allen is the best I've ever found -- you can see ALL three ceramic cookers there