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Looking for some non-Italian non-Asian options in Eastern Montco

Hi All-

I recently moved from the city (Philly) to the Montgomeryville area. I've worked in West Point\Lansdale\Blue Bell for 12 years, so I'm pretty familiar with the cheap, quick lunch options available. But now that I live here, I need some good options for dinner.

I'm new to this board, but I've been reading your posts and have come up with a list of places that sound great to try. Funny thing is, when I look at my list it is exclusively Italian and\or Mediterranean and Asian. Is there nothing American, French, Spanish, etc. to try?

Looking for both inexpensive, everyday spots as well as "fine dining" options.

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  1. Welcome to Montgomeryville gaffk, land of awesome shopping. We have Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Paycheck and more. My friends that aren't local are jealous of the options here. Have you tried the two take out bbq places in Lansdale yet? The one that is open for lunch and dinner is open thurs-sun (Uncle Greg's) and the other one (Smoke Daddy's) is open friday and saturday for dinners to go. Or eat in if you join the Eagles Club. I'm thinking about joining.
    Molly Maguire's recently opened in Lansdale. Since their speciality is Irish food I am waiting for cooler weather to try them. But my friend John liked it and his dad enjoyed the Irish nachos he got there last week.

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      Thanks giveme, believe me I have already discovered the shopping. The unfortunate thing about Trader Joe's is it's proximity to Coldwater Creek and Iron Hill Brewery ;)

      I was just reading a thread on the BBQ spots and have added them to my list!

      I've already tried Molly's last weekend and will be sure to return. I posted my experience on the Molly's thread, but can also add that my friend whose SO is from the UK absolutely loved their Scotch egg and bangers & mash.

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        Heh gaffk it is hard to walk past some of the shops on the way to Trader Joe's. My favorite time to shop there is sunday night. Some stuff might be picked over but most of the other shops are closed. Not the brewery though. All very close to each other are Pumpernik's, Baja Fresh and Hot Breads. When I don't have much time I love hitting the take out area of Pumpernik's for a roast beef special and a cup of chicken soup. I'm ready to take on a dragon after that.
        Hot Breads has Indian food and some other good stuff too. For a chain mexican restaurant, Baja Fresh is not too shabby. I noticed that something is brewing at the old Houlihan's site also. The Metropolitan or something, but they aren't open yet.

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          Noticed a lot of people going into Baja and Pumpernik's--was wondering if they were any good.

          Where's the old Houlihan's site?

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            we love Pumpernicks, but there's almost always a wait for a table, even with the expanded restaurant. Their chicken soup is awesome, the sandwiches are huge, the menu is extensive.

            If you are on 202 and cross 309 heading towards Doylestown, the old houlihan's - now called The Manhatten - is on your right. you would turn at the next light, then go left into the shopping center that sits below the road there.

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                hmmm... I googled both names and got nothin. It is entirely possible, since I didn't post that immediately after I saw it! lol
                We'll have to see when one of us drives by again, I guess. :)

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                  I don't believe Metropolitan has opened yet. There's a sign hanging out front about hiring for all positions.

    2. There are lots of great options in the area (but agree lots of italian and asian). If you go into Ambler you have Trax (american,BYO, nice patio), Bridgets (higher end american), Shanachie (irish), Saffron (indian), Deterra (nice but pricey for dinner, great for atmosphere and drinks). If you go into the Horsham area (about 10 min from Montgomeryville) you have NaBrasa (brazilian steakhouse) and Yalda Kabob (afghani, no atmosphere but amazing food). You have Tamarindos (mexican) in Blue Bell. Also two american pubs in Broad Axe (Phils (casual) and Broad Axe tavern (higher end).

      Would love a spanish place in the area.....

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        Thanks Ambler, you've definitely given me quite a few to add to my list. I've been to Shanachie for drinks a few times (I love the Ambler movie theater across the street), but I see a lot more trips to Ambler in my future. And the Broad Axe became a favorite of mine during the weekends of house hunting.

        Think we can get Garces to expand his horizons?

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          Actually, if you look at a thread I started, a Garces protege is opening a new restaurant this fall in Fort Washington!

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            That's right . . . in the old Allison 2 spot. That should give us something to look forward to!

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          Great post - thanks Ambler Girl. Have heard of most of these, but Yalda Kabob was certainly a new one. That's why I love Chowhound. So much wonderful information and the people who post are fun to read. I find it very relaxing after a hectic day at work - or now when my system is down :) Those in the Central Montgomery/Lansdale area should try to meet one night at one of the area restaurants. My vote would be for Mina Cucina. We hosted a small anniversary party there recently and the couple who was celebrating is still raving about it.

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            We did have a couple of gatherings at the Assi Market food court. They were really fun and informative. We ate at the court and then toured the big Asian food market together. Chef Paulo wore his toque so we could all find each other. Later we all received his chicken salad recipe!

        3. Welcome to the area! We are fortunate that we have alot of good dining choices around so I am sure that you will find some to your liking.

          If you are a sushi lover, try Bluefin in Plymouth Meeting, It is a BYOB and is annually rated one of the best 50 restaurants in Philly.

          While the names sound Italian/Mediterranean, Bocelli's in Gywnedd and Mirna's in Blue Bell are consistent BYOB's that offer excellent seafood dishes. If you are lucky, you will catch a day where Bocelli's has their Ossa Bucco or, my favorite, the tuna steak in blush leek sauce. And I love Mirna's soft shell crabs.

          I second Ambler Girl's recommendations of Trax, DaTerra's and Phil's Tavern. I would add PJ Whelihans in Blue Bell (I know - a chain) which has great wings and other bar food and is always hopping during football season. It's my go to place for a burger and a beer.

          Just recently tried MaGerks at the site of the old Bent Elbo in Fort Washington, Great bar area and good bar food - try the onion rings and fried pickles!

          I would also recommend El Sarape in Blue Bell - although there are differing opinions on this board. The margaritas are outstanding, they have a good selection of beers and tequilas, and the food is always good.

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            Thanks Beth--my list is growing!

          2. gaffk, if you want to drive a little, head to Doylestown and give Honey and Slate Blue a shot. I'll second most of the other places that have been mentioned in Ambler. I'd also add Arpeggio and Mina Cucina in Spring House.

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              How about either El Sarape or Los Sarapes in Blue Bell/Chalfont?

              I LOVE the tampequena and tamales at Los Sarapes
              and they have a Mariachi who plays guitar and sings... he's awesome!

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                I don't think Doylestown is very far--2 more for my list. Arpeggio & Mina Cucina are at the top of my list to try--hopefully this weekend! (Moving in to a new house is such a drag; too many weekend "projects"). Definitely plan to bring home either Gregg's or Lansdale Eagle Club BBQ on Friday to fortify myself.

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                  You can't go wrong with either of those BBQ take-outs, although I like Smoke Daddy's a little more than Gregg's

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                    Definitely try Honey, its fantastic! We went two weeks ago, had an amazing dinner! Also recommend stopping at Andre's Wine and Cheese Shop, make it a fun date night!

                2. I love the Iron Abbey in Horsham, which is connected to the Brazilian steakhouse already mentioned in the thread. It's more of a casual atmosphere and a bit less expensive but the food is still excellent in quality, and I like beer so I like their extensive beer selection.

                  Also MaGerk's in Ft Washington was mentioned--check out their specials, I forget which night of the week it is but they have one night with half price burgers and another night with half price cheesesteaks.

                  1. Wow, I think I'm set to try new places for the rest of the year. This Philly board is great--thanks to all!

                    1. I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but for old school "American" cuisine, you can try the William Penn Inn (Sumneytown Pike and Route 202) or the Blue Bell Inn on Skippack Pike. Both are kind of fancy and are favored by the older crowd. The food at the Bluebell is better, but the William Penn has a fine brunch.

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                        The brunch at the William Penn Inn has been a favorite of mine for years--even while I still lived in the city--friends, family & I love to hit that a few times a year. Also had mom's 80th birthday there in a room on the second floor. When we emerged from our private room we realized that the entire restaurant had emptied and the staff were just sitting waiting for us to leave. Yet, they never rushed us and they were all so friendly when we were leaving.

                        I just went to the Blue Bell Inn for the first time a few weeks ago for a colleague's retirement. Agreed, the food is classic American and very good. What we all found amusing was the bar scene there. It was a Wed. evening, and there was live 40s-60s music and people dancing--not one of whom was under 60. Now I know where to hang out after I retire ;)

                        1. re: gaffk

                          Yes, gaffk, they have been dancing that way for at least twenty years when I first went there. Glad to know that some things have not changed!

                      2. There is a dearth of interesting good restaurants in Eastern Montgomery county. Mina’s is certainly one of them… but it is Italian which is something for which you are not looking.

                        I highly recommend Café Preya in Huntingdon Valley. It is quite good and is kind of an American restaurant with a Thai slant. However, although I have eaten there about twenty five times over the past ten years, I have not been there in the past couple of years.

                        There is a great French restaurant in Doylestown called Slate Bleu. It is expensive but is a very excellent restaurant in a somewhat casual setting. The chef formerly was a chef at La Grenouille in New York. http://slatebleu.com/

                        I love Moroccan food and lived in Morocco for quite sometime. I think that the best Moroccan restaurant in the area is Little Marakesh in Dresher. It is also a great value, they serve a six course meal for $28.00. The meal is served family style and is eaten Moroccan style with bread and your fingers. The first course is a salad plate that includes several marinated vegetables and Middle Eastern appetizers. The second course is pastilla which is a sweet and savory pie with crisp layers of phyllo dough stuffed with shredded chicken and chopped eggs and covered with powdered sugar. The third course is a whole chicken that is poached with onions, lemon and green olives, it is very delicious. The fourth course is grilled meat, chicken or vegetable kabobs. The sixth course is cous cous with vegetables. The last course is chocolate chip baklava with mint tea. It is an enormous meal. On weekends there are belly dancers. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Montgomery county.


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                          Thanks UnkleAl--cant't wait to try these.

                          I love Mirna's as well (especially their chicken penne). I was just soliciting non-Mediterranean and non-Asian because it seemed like my list of restaurants to try in this are was exclusively one of those two cuisines.

                          But adter all the replies here, I have enough to keep me eating for the rest of the year.