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Aug 13, 2010 01:26 PM

Bermuda recs needed

Here now, Black horse is closed for renovation.
Staying at Tuckers Point, any other good local recs besides the swizzle inn?

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  1. Rustico in Flatts. Tom Moore's in Bailey's Bay. Lunch outside at Harry's next to Miles in town. Ascot's, Port O'Call in town.

    Really wish I had something to recommend in St George's, but I don't.

    1. Hi Ellenesk,

      Welcome to Bermuda. I saw your earlier post about looking for restaurants close to Tucker's or within a short ride by taxi. Unfortunately, the Swizzle Inn (pub), Tom Moore's Tavern (formal) are the closest places to Tucker's Point unless you head into St. George's. You mentioned Black Horse is closed for renovations. There is also Blackbeard's, located by Fort Catherine I believe, spectacular sunset views over the water, food is average but you're really there for the view.
      You asked specifically about local seafood, am curious if you eat sushi? If so, I can recommend Pearl, located in Hamilton upstairs at Port O Call, they generally source their fish from local suppliers if possible.
      I second Athena's recommendation of Rustico (in Flatt's village) serving Italian or Harry's (located in Hamilton by Miles Market). Eat at the barside as it's cheaper, the fish sandwich is always nice, especially good when they have rockfish. Closed on Sundays though.

      For other recommendation, might be a little far by taxi but if you catch a bus one way and then taxi back, might not break the bank completely.

      Seabreeze Lounge at Elbow Beach Hotel. They serve tapas style small plates and is located right beside the beach. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, they currently have live Latin music with Willy Torres playing from 6pm onwards (he won a Grammy apparently). Last I went, my dining companions enjoyed their food.

      I note that you post quite a bit on the France board, if that's where you're from then I'm not quite sure if our local dining scene can quite measure up in terms of price and quality of food (speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to visiting Paris at the end of this month). Best of luck to you and if you need more recommendations, let us know.

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      1. re: bdachow

        Thanks, not from France, but go there often. The black horse is actually open tonight, so heading there(although a little concerned about getting stuck, as I understand taxis are difficult). I will try Blackbeards tomorrow. I do travel a lot, and opt for local cuisine when we go to places like Bermuda. , as I get enough of the "fancy stuff" elsewhere. I like the Swizzle inn, they had a great rock fish the other night. Will check out black beards. I try to get my recs from cab drivers as the concierge, especially at a hotel like this, tend to recommend the more expensive restaurants, Thanks for you suggestions.

        1. re: ellenesk

          For a hole in the wall local experience, you might want to try Art Mel's for fish sandwiches. They're absolutely monster and really well fried fish. They open at noon I believe, closed Sunday and Mondays.

          Variations but you can have on plain white sandwich bread or raisin bread. I love mine with coleslaw and hot sauce on raisin bread. You can add cheese or tartar sauce as well or get it on a roll for a slightly smaller version. However, I would only do this with a taxi and make sure he stays while you get your order. Call and order it (they answer the phone after they open) and then go. It's located close to Hamilton so if you want to combine with a city day as well. Otherwise, the neighbourhood is in a bit of upheaval so I'd only suggest going during the daytime. Sandwich runs around $13 but always lasts me for 2 meals.

          1. re: bdachow

            bdachow, GREAT you have a phone and what is the address..a few of this sort of place would make the BDA food scene ROCK...

            1. re: phelana

              Art Mel's Spicy Dicy
              9 St.Monica's Road

              If they could solve the problems in the neighbourhood, it'd be great but like I said, daylight hours only currently, there's too much tension and problems in the area after dark.

                1. re: phelana

                  Just outside of Hamilton, not walkable distance but a quick 5 minute scoot.

                  1. re: bdachow

                    Phelana, there are other places like Art Mel's, they're just in places it's not a great idea for tourists to venture into. We used to do an Art Mel's run for Friday lunch at work, but we don't anymore - and we're Bermudians.

                    1. re: Athena

                      wow ok Athena..I used to live ruff and rugged in Antigua and have been to Court St. before for patties and local eats it quite rough...can u pm me at to chat a bit?

                      1. re: Athena

                        Yeah, the ladies here at the office aren't keen on going up there anymore. They always just send one of the guys who lives in the neighbourhood to pick up. It's a real shame and I hope that their business hasn't dropped off because of all the troubles.