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Aug 13, 2010 01:25 PM

Low Key Bachelorette Dinner in downtown Philadelphia

I am looking for suggestions on where to have a simple, low key dinner in Philadelphia. The place would have to be able to accommodate 10-15 ladies for an "earlier" (6-7pm) dinner. Anywhere downtown is acceptable, but we will probably spend the most time in the Rittenhouse area. As it is a bachelorette party and we will be going out afterwards, i am interested in a place that has good appetizers or small plates for those that want to eat a light meal, but some guests may also order dinner. Most of the ladies are not foodies, so nothing exotic...thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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  1. Tria is small plates but maybe a bit too foodyish and is small.
    I think best bet may be Parc, large bistro atmosphere right on the park, good apps and straightforward meals.
    There's also a pizza/wine bar right on 19th past the square but can't think of the name of it
    Continental midtown could also be a fun choice

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      You might also try the new Stephen Starr Mexican place El Rey. Small plate Mexican. Nice atmosphere fast service, and they can take a party of your size. Located at 20h and Chestnut if my memory serves me.

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        If Cichetteria 19 is the pizza/wine bar on 19th you're thinking about, I wouldn't recommend it.

        I think that Continental Midtown or El Rey would be perfect. Another spot is Pub & Kitchen at 20th and Lombard. Gastropub, good for snacks or full dinner. Or, if you need a place that absolutely takes reservations (if the above places won't accommodate a larger group, it may be tough to get a large table just by walking in), try Jose Garces' place, Tinto. All small plates (some more "exotic" than others), fantastic food.

        1. re: urbanfabric

          Urbanfabric-Can i ask why you don't recommend Cichetteria 19?

          Tinto seems to be a definite possibility. I was avoiding going to Continental Midtown because that was going to be a stop later for bar hopping, but looking at their menu, it might be a dinner option as well.

          Thanks again for the responses!

          1. re: syren1714

            Here was my thought on it last month in another thread:
            "I was there last week and did not think the food was very good at Cichetteria. Some of it was bland (where the flavor was highlighted in the description), meat balls were overcooked or just lacking in any fat or flavor... service was good. But I wouldn't go back for the food."
            It wasn't bad, just bland and poorly executed. We were there during happy hour into dinner and there were very few other patrons. It seemed like if there was ever a time to get things spot on, that would be it. If you're going to serve two tiny meatballs on a plate, they just shouldn't be that overcooked and flavorless. If some people in your group aren't eating dinner and just getting a little snack, I'd worry that they'd end up with a pretty underwhelming snack. Whereas, at Tinto, each dish that I've tried packs so much interesting flavor that you get great food no matter what you order.

            If you want a pizza and wine bar, I've heard great things about Zavino on 13th street. Not a big place, but they might be able to accommodate a big party earlier. That's a fun stretch there, El Vez, APO, and Sampan would also be good spots to hit. El Vez is also a good spot for a group dinner.