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Aug 13, 2010 01:07 PM


I noticed that the Mauzone store in Lawrence is now advertising that it now has Libby's bakery in its store. I am curious if Mauzone owns this store or does the store just sell Mauzone products.

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  1. Mauzone still did not reopen from renovations. They originally indicated a reopen date of August 1.

    1. Mauzone sold up, not sure who the new owner is.
      Libbys has been around the 5 towns, First in the old Gourmet Glatt, then to the old Heimish Bakery (now an investment store) , then to Glatt Kosher Kingdom.
      I've seriously missed this guy, his challas and cakes are way better (and fresher) than most stores around here.
      Go buy a birthday cake or similar from him, it will not have the same generic taste that the other stores have.
      Also, not sure if you feinshmekers get it yet, but some of the stores around here, have other prime outlets and locations, we just get left overs , some of the challah's here being sold as fresh are anything but.
      I always remember Libbys pulling fresh challahs out of the oven on a friday afternoon, i hope he is the same this time round

      1. Mauzone has been bought by Dovid Shragi Gross formerly of Gourmet Glatt. It is scheduled to reopen shortly. It will still be deli takeout, as well as catering only he has now incorporated Libby's bake shop into the store. I passed by earlier this week they are doing major renovations it looks great...

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          Rumor has it that Mauzone was not doing well with its retail store in Lawrence. How does the new owner expect to do well if he is contractually obligated to buy food from Mauzone (the original owners of the store) if he has more overhead than they did (since they prepared the food and he is only a distributor of their products)?

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            I never bought from them simply because they were always off my radar since they never advertised. I hope the new place advertises and has a good chicken special. That is key to bring one into a store. I many times buy from Brachs their chicken special and while I am there I wind up buying other items as well.

        2. libby's will be opening Tuesday AUG 24

          they will be having the freshest challahs and cakes baked in front of your eyes as they all ways have!!!

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            I have spoken to a few of the people in the know and they told me that the retail has not been good for them for years so they are going to focus on the catering. They believe that the business model is dead and there is not much profit there anymore. Consumers want One Stop Shopping such as Brachs or Gourmet Glatt. If you notice as well that end of Central Ave. is pretty dead as well.

            They sold to Shragi Gross and Danny Gluck. The Main Street store sold as well but forgot to who.

            Wish them luck......Not sure if they will make it though.

            MartyB....there is more to food than a cheap chicken special, maybe try some other food once and a while and expand your pallet.

            1. re: HungryJew

              It seems that the best business model for kosher takeout in the Five Towns is the store within the store concept. For those not familiar with the Five Towns, several food business are now selling their products from takeout counters within the Gourmet Glatt food establishment instead of having separate retail locations. This has to save a lot in rent and other expenses.