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Aug 13, 2010 12:22 PM

Paris Chic/Gourmand Saturday Lunch between trains with kids - help needed!

I'll be travelling with my husband and two children changing trains in Paris on the last day of our holiday.

We have a few hours to kill and would like to have a great lunch to conclude our break at up to 50 Euros per person.

We're getting in at Gare de Lyon and have some luggage so we thought of going straight to Le Train Bleu but it looks a little pricey - I wouldn't book without a watertight reccomendations.

I've eaten at lots of places in Paris. Atelier Maitre Albert (the right balance of sophisticated food simple enough for children to eat too at reasonable prices) is shut saturday lunchtimes. Plus there's the luggage factor: I like L'Hotel and Brasserie Lutetia but dragging our suitcases might dull the experience a little (but we're willing to drag them a reasonable way for an exciting new experience). I have a whole list of new little bistronomique restaurants I'd love to try but the don't seem quite the right space for a 7 and 10 year old who would enjoy a large and busy brasserie. Eating En Terrasse would be great on the last day of our holiday. We have up to 3 hours to kill and children with wide-ranging tastbuds and would love a recommendation.

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  1. Aux Cadrans, on Diderot, is an inexpensive brasserie near the station. It's decent, but lacks a menu enfant. Go with Train Bleu, they won't make you order a full meal, and do have a menu enfant.

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      Lugging luggage and children and with only 3 hours? Your safest bet is Le Train Bleu. It is safe brasserie food. Order defensively and you will be fine.

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        I am loath to contradict Parigi, and le Train Bleu is beautiful, perhaps THE most beautiful restauraunt in Paris, but I have ony had dissappointing, and one one occasion frightening experiences there.

        Depending on when you are in Paris, you have two restaurants near the Gare de Lyon which are related to each other and which have been commented upon on this board: La Gazetta, and Rino. Outside of high August, Rino's open for lunch, is nearby, and falls within your price range.

        However, if my suggestion's not to your liking, and even though it's far from being my favourite restaurant, but I'd prefer to take a taxi, with luggage, kids n'all, from the Gare de Lyon to Bastille, to Bofinger and back again, rather than going to the Train Bleu.

        1. re: vielleanglaise

          I would second Oakglen's advice, Aux Cadrans is good enough. There are a few other brasseries around the station, which will serve you decent food, but avoid L'Européen where I once found broken glass in my choucroute and still had to pay for the dish. I would at any rate pick one of the brasseries nearby and not venture out of the area, where the eating options are better. La Gazzetta seems a bit too remote and un-kid-friendly for the occasion, but the Bofinger suggestion sounds good.

    2. I'm confused; you arrive at the GdL but leave from where three hours later?

      I too nix Le Train Bleu; beautiful but so what?

      1. for what it's worth, I love le Train Bleu - but only for a tea or a glass of wine sitting in that room with all the chairs and the big windows (not the dining room). I'm not a fan of the food and don't usually recommend going there to eat. (although I have had a decent sandwich in a pinch in the bar area)

        I like the Bofinger suggestion with kids & second that La Gazetta doesn't strike me as super kid-friendly.

        And, also am curious as to whether or not you are leaving from another train station as John asked. If so, there are other big brasseries near the other stations (e.g. Terminus Nord at Gare du Nord, etc)