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Aug 13, 2010 12:19 PM

Chelsea (18th btw 7th & 8th) delivery

My office just relocated to Chelsea (18th btw 7th & 8th) and we are in process of building a menu book for our staff and clients. Happy to have the recently opened Westville on our block but am in need recommendations to round out the book. So what is the best Sushi, Thai, Chinese, Deli, Italian, Bistro, etc, etc....that will deliver to us.

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  1. Work a couple of blocks away, and these are my go-to

    Chinese- Grand Szechuan
    Japanese- Daioh
    Japanese Wings/ Burgers- Tebaya
    Burgers- Lucky Burgers- surprisingly, arrives hot, and onion rings still crunchy
    Thai- Spice- hit or miss- stick to the basics. Decent lunch special. Great crispy spring rolls.
    Steak Sandwich- Pastis delivers, which is great for higher end bistro stuff
    Pizza- Patsy's
    Salads- Chopt

    Happy Eating... you may wish to repost on the Manhattan Board for additional input...