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Aug 13, 2010 10:40 AM

Quick lunch Yonge/St.Clair

I frequently find myself at Yonge/St.Clair these days for work, and would like some good take-out recs for lunch. Here is my criteria:

<$10 is my budget
not into sandwiches - can make that at home
can't be too far from the intersection for time and energy purposes (3rd trimester of pregnancy)

anything else goes! (including sushi)

I really like Sprout, the viet place W of Yonge on the S side of St.Clair, but I'm getting sick of it. Unless you can suggest something better than the OMG soup, I need something new. I've also been to the Indian place S on Yonge, but it's a bit too much food to get a full buffet container and a bit too $$ for lunch.

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  1. I'm a little hesitant here as I HATE steam tables, but you could try Boccone (on Yonge south of St Clair). They have a line-up at lunch and many people take-out their Italian staples from the steam table. I, on the other hand, always get their grilled panini sandwiches - I know you don't want a sandwich - but when it's grilled it hits the spot for me.

    St Clair Restaurant
    69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

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      I second that. Boccone has great salads, pizza and soups.

    2. The little sushi place in Delisle Court has lunch specials in the $6 range. It's great.

      1. I second both Boccone and the sushi place in Delisle Court although both require just a bit of walking from the intersection. The hot counter in Bruno's often has tasty easy-on-the-wallet items like soup and pasta dishes and they have a deli counter too for salads and things that are better than what's on offer at the St Clair Market/Loblaw. The Bagel House makes good bagel sandwiches.

        1. Daeco Sushi has a few items at $10 or $11 on their menu (8 spicy salmon and 8 spicy tuna roll pieces, with soup and salad, will set you back $10, for instance). Highly recommended. Location is 40 St. Clair West, in the lobby of the building. They also have a few patio tables.

          1. There is a new Burger place called Retro Buger that opened last week on Yonge just South of St. Clair which is great if you need a burger fix. La Passione across the street also has good take out italian at the back counter - not as good as Boccone but it's not as far. Delica's Kitchen, also just south of St. Clair has good soups and salads.

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              There's also a new Thai place (that I haven't tried) at 21 (I think) St Clair East (near the subway entrance). But that also seems to be a steam table - so I probably won't try it.
              Maybe 'the nurse' could try that and give the rest of us feedback.

              St Clair Restaurant
              69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA