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Aug 13, 2010 09:51 AM

Where to eat on Las Ramblas?

I'm staying at the Le Meridian on las ramblas and didn't know if there were any tapas places I absolutely need to check out - all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. With the exception of the Boqueria and a few nearby shops, there's nothing worthwhile on the Ramblas. It's a tourist hell-hole. However, there are a lot of chowish places within a few minutes walking distance. If you read some of the many, many Barcelona threads on this board, you'll find that a lot of the recommended places are very walkable from your hotel.

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      I totally agree. there are couple of really nice small places on Boqueria, but otherwise - tourist traps. Just walk away from La Rambla, into the Old city and you'll have hundreds og reat opportunities. Try those Tapa places that are crowded and where people eat without sitting - best places (imho)!

    2. Agree with earlier comments that there is nowhere decent to eat on the Ramblas. However, don't miss an opportunity to sit and have a drink and some olives one evening. it is one of our continent's finest places for people watching.

      1. On Ramblas? I'd only go to El Qim in the Boqueria. Can't think of another place among the sea of unbearable mimes…

        But El Born is an easy walk away. Ditto Eixample. Much more choice in those 2 places.

        Near the Ramblas there are:
        - Granja Viader for horchatas (practically next door to the Meridien on Calle de Xucla),
        - Bilbao Berria for tapas,
        - and good cafés and bars in Raval (also extremely close to the Meridien).

        1. Per Mark Bittman's 2006 NYT article (with photo at below url), we went to Café Viena a few days ago and really enjoyed the ham sandwich (aka flauta d’ibéric d.o. jabugo). Probably the best protein taste of our entire trip for under seven euro, with the tastes described in the article and subtle acorn in the finish.

          1. Will be heading this way too ---off the Ramblas -- from cruise ending in Barcelona and staying a few days at the upper end of the Ramblas - and do not know what to order, how to order and what to not miss at a tapas place? Any specifiic help to take the "gosh, shucks we are tourists" edge off us when we enjoy this lovely city?

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              Same reply to your similiar post:
              Below is a link on eating tapas/pintxos that will help you get started:
              Search this board as it seems like every other posts on this site is on eating in Barcelona. Every places recommended is in the tourist part of Barcelona, not far from Las Ramblas.

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                Sorry that the link on the above reply does not work. Corrected:

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                  Great link - thanks! I will print it out and take with me. Just the detail I was looking for.

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                    No problem, you'll have a great time; just stay away from places on the Las Ramblas, on c/Ferran, the first few blocks of Pg de Gracia, Pg Joan de Borbo in Barcelonetta. Everywhere else, you'll do fine.