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Aug 13, 2010 08:11 AM

Rhong Tiam Express

Anybody try this out yet? It supposedly soft opened yesterday.

Rhong Tiam in the Village is now gone. Rhong Tiam (fka Kurve) in the East Village is also now gone. All we have is this counter style "express" version.... The inclusion of smoothies, wraps, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes (?) worries me a bit.

It appears that a handful of soups, sides, and entrees made it from the other branches. Here are the only entrees from the old menu:

Kao Soi Chicken 13.00
Pork On Fire 13.00
Southern Style Chicken 13.00
Black Pepper Beef 12.00
Tropical Mango Chicken 15.00
Water Spinach On Fire 13.00
Flaming Green Bean Chicken 11.00
Steamed Lemon Fish 24.00
General Tso Chicken 12.00

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  1. I tried it twice last week and think it's terrific. The pork on fire is as good as it ever was -- perhaps better -- plus their wagyu beef sliders and their roti wraps are pretty tasty. (The sliders and some of the wraps can be a little dry, but that only makes them better sriracha delivery vehicles.)

    One recent evening, my girlfriend and I picked up an order and brought it over to Madison Square Park for a picnic. We so much wanted to share with those in the hour-long line for Shake Shack that this alternative no-wait deliciousness was just a two-minute walk away!

    I'm really rooting for them to succeed.

    1. This is near my office, so it's a great new lunch addition. Looks like Andy Yang is manning the counter every time I've walked by.

      I had the drunken man noodles. Good spiciness and layering of flavors. Looking forward to trying the pork on fire, salads, something from the roti wrap section (coworkers had good things to say about the chick pea and potato roti).

      There's the promise of coffee / smoothies in the morning, but they haven't been open before lunch time yet. Andy was giving out samples of the yogurt one day. It's tangy frozen yogurt in the Pinkberry vein.

      At our office, the main critique thus far has been the eye-searing menu design.

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      1. re: jennitrixie

        When I picked up an order on Friday, Andy was touting the yogurt, but I haven't tried it yet.

        I like the look of the menu! I find it eye catching, not eye searing!

        1. re: jennitrixie

          You know, I went back last week and had the drunken man noodles again. This time there was NO spice. None at all. Like they had forgotten a step. So disappointing, especially for an $11 lunch. Boo.

        2. The menu is a zoo, but even once you work past that, you have to be very careful what you order as most of it is highway robbery. In this economy, to charge full service pricing for take-out, teeters on offensive.

          $4 per slider, for something that's half the size of a Shake Shack burger? A plate of 4 would be $16, and that's without fries.

          Entrees are in the $13 area, and again, this is a walk up stand with some casual seating. They seem really nice, and the food tastes pretty good, but I'm unlikely to return unless they rethink their pricing.

          1. Their Kao Soi is pure awesomness. I do wish it was *slightly* less expensive. $11 or 12 seems more reasonable.

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            1. re: ExFlexitarian

              I'll agree with that...if everything was even a dollar less, it would help.

            2. the fact that "sliders" now pass for "authentic Thai" in NYC is pretty much self-explanatory...

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              1. re: Simon

                Not sure where anyone tried to pass them off as "authentic Thai."

                1. re: Blumie

                  Hmm, i mean they do have this statement on their website, "At Rhong-Tiam, Chef Yang endeavors to serve his guests the authentic Thai food that real Thai people eat."

                  The sliders are decidedly non-Thai... and probably not even Thai 'fusion'. I think a good alternative is their chicken satay skewers, which are really really good. And I still can't get over how good the Kao Soi is.