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Aug 13, 2010 07:48 AM

Augusta, Missouri and Katy Trail

We'll be doing a short bike ride along the Katy Trail around Augusta, Defiance and that area. Which wineries are a must? Which places to grab a lunch or dinner. Any other recommendations? Thanks

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  1. It's a gorgeous bike trip -- one of our favorites. As for the wineries, in Augusta Montelle is a must-stop for the gorgeous view -- plus you can get food there and sit on their stunning deck. Mt. Pleasant has gone corporate and they are rather stingy with their tastings (even though you have to pay for it) and their staff is not warm and welcoming either. The wine was great when Mark Baehmann was making it but I think it's gone down in quality since he left. I'd give it a miss. August winery has a small tasting room but really friendly staff and their wine has won some awards recently - I think the wine is probably better than Montelle's. Augusta Brewing is a brew house (obviously) and pub and is right on the trail - another good place to get food.

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        I second Augusta Winery for some pretty good wine, and Augusta Brewery as a good place to grab some lunch.