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Aug 13, 2010 07:29 AM

Kon, Portland

Eat Maine on Facebook just posted something about an Asian bistro named Kon on Brighton Ave in Portland, in the same stripmall as Full Belly Deli. He says the sushi is incredible. Has anybody tried this place? How long has it been open?

Full Belly Deli
1070 Brighton Ave, Portland, ME 04102

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  1. About a year I think. Portland Food Coma has a hilarious review from a while back

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      Portland Food coma is my new (new to me) favorite food blogger.

    2. But it is not in that same strip mall. It's just past it on Brighton Ave., where Valle's Steak House used to be.

      1. We ate there last night. Thought it was quite good and very reasonably priced. My husband had duck and it was very tender and delicious. My daughter had Pad Thai and that was some of the best of it's type I've had. My spicy sushi trio was good, too. My son, who is 11, enjoyed General Tso's chicken. The bill with tip for all 4 of us was less than $70. One glass of wine. It is a fun, cheerful place.

        1. Our small company did a hibachi dinner there a few months ago -- it was fun! Food was typical japanese hibachi-style: fried jasmine rice in soy sauce, lean cuts of filet mignon, shrimp, sauteed veggies. Non sushi or asian-cuisine lovers will be fine with the menu. Very nice place too, very Asian/Zen decor (indoor fountain, statues, black lacquer). Unique and very cool under-lit bar -- nice place to have a few quiet cocktails with a friend.