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Aug 13, 2010 07:02 AM

Changes at the Stone Barn in Kennett...?

I've heard that the Stone Barn is "re-inventing" itself as a fine dining venue, with a new chef and a farm-to-table menu. Their website confirms these changes ( but I haven't read anything about this in any of the local papers. That place is in such a beautiful setting, it seems like a wonderful spot for this kind of restaurant AND it's BYO (always a plus in my book!). Has anyone has heard or read anything about this?

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  1. CindyJ, in another post you briefly mentioned that you'd recommend Foxfire, meaning you must have been there since you posted this. Can you comment on your experience(s) there? Is it a nice atmosphere? Quiet? Worthy to give a gift certificate too? I can't find much about it online. Thanks!

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      I've been there for dinner four times now, most recently this past Saturday evening. I must say, I really enjoy this place. The atmosphere is absolutely lovely. I'd describe it as warm, cozy and inviting. The main dining room has a huge stone fireplace, which had a roaring fire on Saturday. There's a large bench right in front of the fireplace, and anyone can sit there whenever they feel like it. When we were there a few weeks ago, we noticed that some guests sat in front of the fire between courses; others were having their coffee there.

      The restaurant is BYO, which is something my husband and I truly appreciate, and there's no corkage fee. This past Saturday, we brought after-dinner drinks with us as well as wine, and after we finished our entrees, we left our table and had dessert and brandy in front of the fire. I can't think of any other restaurant anywhere in this area where we could have done that.

      The food is quite good, too. Each time I've been there, there has been something new or "tweaked" on the menu, with heavy emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine and locally grown and produced ingredients. AND, the prices are, in my opinion, very reasonable. There were four of us at dinner on Saturday. We all had appetizers and entrees, and we shared a dessert (the portions are quite substantial). The tab came to about $160, before the tip. The only complaint I had all evening was that our first wine was sparkling, and either they didn't have flutes or our server didn't know to bring us some, but our Prosecco was poured into white wine glasses. That was NOT a big deal to those of us at the table.

      Would I give someone a gift certificate? Absolutely! Just know that Foxfire is way out in Chester County "horsey country", and it could be a little tricky to find if you don't know the back roads.

      Their web site has links to some of the articles that have appeared in the local press. If you haven't read much about Foxfire at the Stone Barn, it could be because for now, it's still one of southern Chester County's best kept secrets.

      Gee... do you think they might hire me to do their PR?

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        Hi CindyJ,
        Thanks for the thorough review. I am definitely going to get them the gift certificate here, as it sounds like a local restaurant that really has the potential to "take-off" once it starts creating some more noise. I'll let you know what they think!

    2. We finally made it to Foxfire tonight after having CindyJ's recommendation in our back pocket for months now--really enjoyed it. The dining room ambiance is very nice and the food was excellent, actually better than what the menu on the website would imply. I had the winter harvest salad and a roasted herbed monkfish with mashed purple potatoes, and I was very happy with both. I was also pleased to note that portion sizes were not outrageously large (always a worry for me, a small person). I still didn't have room for dessert, but at least I am not uncomfortably stuffed after a salad and a main course.

      Service was mostly OK but could be slightly improved--we had to flag down another server after waiting 10 minutes to get our check picked up, and I was lacking a knife for half of my main course even after I asked for one. But in general it was OK. The space, and actually just the drive to get there, was really pleasant and the food was quite good.

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        Glad you enjoyed it, travelmad. I'm wondering if they're going to have outdoor seating in the warmer weather. They certainly have the space for it.