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Aug 13, 2010 06:32 AM

"Shan" brand "Seekh Kabab BBQ" spice mix -- WOW, it makes a terrific kabob!

I had some ground lamb patties from Harris Teeter, and decided to use the ground lamb to make seekh kabob. I used half a packet of the Shan brand seekh kabob spice blend for the full amount of meat in the recipe instructions. The recipe calls for 1 kg. of meat, but I used six decent size ground lamb patties. I'll have to double check next time at the store to see how many ounces these totalled.

In addition to the spice mix, you add -- according to instructions -- ghee plus fresh onion, garlic, ginger & chillies. I used green onions instead of plain yellow onions, and also tossed into the overall meat-spice mixture a 1/3 cup of a Bloody Mary drink that I had sitting there on the counter ;-). Hey, it worked! I also used only 1/2 of the ghee called for in the instructions.

Remember: use ONLY HALF of the spice packet, but the FULL amount of herbs and meat called for in the instructions.

I wish my grill had been working outside, but I just fried the mixture up as patties.

Served with fresh tomatoes, yogurt, and a little fresh cilantro -- all on pita -- these kabob patties (really "shammi kabob") were better than our best local kabob place. (In Northern Virginia, I am speaking of Ravi Kabob). I am not kidding, these were better! More flavorful, juicy, fragrant, tender, and -- let me add -- a great bargain.

We've been pleased with other Shan products, too -- but find that 1/2 a packet is appropriate. Otherwise, things are way too hot and way too salty.

Try this, and tell me that I'm not right.

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  1. I'm going to put this on my list. I've used some shaan products before and I use them Sparingly, even though I've got no problem with heat and spice. My biryani mixed has probably lasted me forever now!
    I like the tandoori chicken masalas but last time I added salt and forgot that many of these spice blends already have salt!


    1. Yeah, I discovered Shan spice packets last year, and try different ones all the time. You are right, though, that the common element in them all is heat and salt. I too use less than a whole packet. They make a great one called "Fried Steak" or something to that effect. Chapli Kebab and Behari Kebab also very good.

      There is also a bottled Tandoori paste from Lazzeri that is very good.

      1. Sounds great! I've always wondered who actually follows the directions on the Shan packages. :)

        1. Do you find this spice mix at HT or at another store here in the NoVa area?

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            I live on Long Island, but I have relatives in Falls Church. I've never seen Shan in a supermarket, but every Arab and most Desi markets carry them. There is a Lebanese (I think) market in the plaza where Sarita's is in Falls Church.

            1. re: weezycom

              weezycom, i think that we may have gotten this packet out at an indian shop in centreville, after a july 4 picnic at bull run regional park. i think, however, that the A-1 indian shop (next to minerva express) here in arlington has shan brand.

              also, sbp may be referring to the halal market in falls church, just behind lebanese butcher. that store has a TON of indian - pakistani food, condiment, "mix" types of products -- probably the largest selection in the area.

              1. re: alkapal

                Thanks. I'll start looking at the shop next to Ind-Aroma over in Annandale -- that's in my 'hood -- and I'll expand the search from there.

            2. A few rec's of Shan that I use all the time:
              Aloo Bhaji
              Chicken Handie
              Chana MAsala - not hot at all - savory and buttery.
              I have always used about half the amt the recipe on the packet calls for. WaAAAAAY too salty.