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Aug 13, 2010 06:31 AM

Kitchen Island/Carts

Hello Chowhounds!

So I'm in the market for a Kitchen Island/Cart to increase my counter space and also to utilize some additional storage space for pots pans and silverware. I'm looking for one that has casters and will be pretty stable if I lock down the casters . I also want as mentioned a good amount of counter space.

Does anyone have experience with these items? Recommend a maker or style? Things to look out for and stay away from?

Thanks again!

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    1. re: GeezerGourmet

      Thank you.

      Seen the site but it is a compendium as you can purchase soem of those on Amazon. But I'm looking for trusted experience of use too.

    2. I have a Metro 3 wire shelf chrome rolling cart, 18 x 30 x 38, fits in the corner between stove and wall, holds all the pots and pans and rolls out; I put a 16 x 20 cutting board on the top shelf for extra surface work space; the size left me a bit of room for a wine/vinegar bottle rack. Industrial look, heavy duty, not terribly $$, easy to assemble and clean. The casters swivel but the wheels don't lock; the cart doesn't budge either, unless I command it to. The middle shelf is height adjustable when you assemble the cart, if you want to store taller stock pots on the bottom shelf. A better size for me would have been a 24 x 30 x 38, but it wasn't in my budget. This type of cart may not be your answer, as it's not really meant for extra counter space, but it's what I can fit into my galley kitchen. Not real pretty, but I suspect it'll outlast me.

      Metro has a number of dimensions available, 2- and 3-shelf units, and also come in SS for more $$$.

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      1. re: bushwickgirl

        I would be using it for storage and for another prep/dough kneading area. I'll look into the Metro 3 which I've never heard of the ones I've looked at can be found at the links below, but I know nothing of their quality. Thank you again for the suggestions.

        1. re: burgeoningfoodie

          Catskill Craftsmen is a very reputable company. The others I haven't heard of.

          Here's a link for the no frills Metro I bought, just for you to look at, no pressure ;)):

      2. I have a three drawer chrome cart with caster wheels from Target and also their chrome bakers rack. The cart is about 15x20 inches and the bakers rack is maybe 15x35. There aren't casters on the bakers rack. The wheels on the cart lock in place and I have been happy with the quality. We live in part of an old house where pencils will roll across the room and I have no problems with the cart. They were fairly easy to assemble and have lasted for 3 years so far and aren't that much worse for the wear (nice since I think I spent $200 total on both). I will admit I only move the cart when I need a lot of counter space right by the stove. The only downsides are that crumbs get trapped around the top posts and periodically need to be scrapped out with a tooth pick. Also the wood top isn't real butcher block, it looks nice but you can't cut without a cutting board. Hope this helps.

        1. I second the Metro recommendation. They're quite sturdy, you can get a butcher block top, and easy to adjust/customize. Not terribly cheap, though. The Container Store carries them if you one is nearby.