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Aug 12, 2010 07:42 PM

Help - How Do I Get to the Various Boards Directly Now?

Went on holiday, and much has changed.

Is there something that I am now missing? To get here, I had to find a thread on another board, to which I had posted, then navigate about from there. In the version past, I could directly access other boards directly from the navigational tools at the top of my Profile/Post.

Now, maybe I am doing things wrong, as I access CH via a link to MY Profile. Still, it seems odd that I have to pick an appropriate post showing up there, then navigate about.

I have to be missing something.

Thanks for the help,


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  1. jfood couldn't care less how the "programmers" try to improve the site on this one. his method is still the best. If using IE:

    Use Favorites
    Add to Favorites

    Then either the list of boards will appears on the left side of your page, you can place them on the upper toolbar or will have a drop down after clicking on the Favorites tab (all dependent on which IE you have)

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    1. re: jfood

      That is exactly what I ended up doing. My list looks different now (longer) as I meant to respond last week but I just forgot after I made the screenshot. If a lot of folks do this (bookmarks instead of cheeseball navigation) the clickthrough rate will seriously drop.

    2. They are working on that and the ETA is somewhere next week.

      There are many ways to do this currently. First the primary way ...

      On your profile page, click on "Take Me To Chowhound" which is just below search in the upper right hand of the page.

      It will take you to a page where you will see two new tabs "Choose a Board" and "Show Saved Boards"

      The first tab can be used to select boards. The second can be used to store frequently visited boards.

      To the far right is something called "view" which expands and collapses the info in these tabs ... though clicking on either tab will expand them.

      ":view" will also give you advanced options if you are in search.

      Another way is to check your profile page and see if it is a board listed in one of your posts. Click on the board name to get to that board.

      If you use the saved board option, then you can navigate using that. That is being worked on also.

      On your profile page "Unread posts" is Hot Posts. You could just click on that and scroll thru there and see if anyone has recently posted on the board you would like.

      You know, Unbread Posts should really put you in Chowhound and not leave you in Chow.

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      1. re: rworange

        >> You know, Unbread Posts should really put you in Chowhound and not leave you in Chow.

        Unbread Posts should take you to stories that are not about baked goods. :)