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Aug 12, 2010 06:46 PM

"Glee" party

Hey all,

Hope this is the right board, as it's my first post here. I decided to host a "Glee" premiere party next month for a few friends, and am trying to come up with a menu, with of course a "Glee" theme.

I figured drinks would be some type of blue slushy (blue curacao seems the easy choice).
Then, of course, some type of Cheerios dessert for the cheerleaders.
For Quinn, I figure I can try my hand at bao (bun in the oven).

Other than that, though, just need some help brainstorming ideas for dishes to represent the rest of the gang. (Maybe some type of pinwheel wrap for Artie?)

It's probably not going to be too big a party -- like a half-dozen people -- and I assume I'll cook far more than I need, but I can just eat it through the rest of the week or use them as bribes to make sure my co-workers keep putting up with me.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You could do Jewish food for Rachel and Puck; maybe some small bagels with various toppings or blintzes. For Tina, maybe spring rolls or something along those lines. Football shaped sandwiches..

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    1. re: Sweet Gourmet

      I was thinking maybe cupcakes, with some glitterdust for Rachel, if I couldn't think of anything better.

      But, you're right, some very traditional Jewish food for Puck would be perfect, but also something ridiculously macho. Maybe brisket with some type of horseradish sauce? (And, wow, that actually sounds really good for my next seder...)

    2. Artie Abrams: rotelle (wheel shaped pasta)
      Finn Hudson: fish (fin)
      Emma Pillsbury: M&Ms (Emmanems), Pillsbury dinner rolls
      Will Schuester: shoo-fly pie
      Rachel Berry: raspberry something...sherbet?
      Principal Figgins: fig something - stuffed w/mascarpone?
      Lima beans, since the fictional school is in Lima, OH. And, in general, things hammy and cheesy.

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      1. re: greygarious

        You really could go one of two ways, and the way you go is dependent on your guests and how much you want to be explaining all night. :-)

        1. Go for thematic dishes, such as the ham and cheese suggestion from greygarious, or glitter/gold/sparkle covered dishes, as motteditor suggested.

        2. Go for puns on the characters' names, as suggested by greygarious. However, if you just have a fish dish representing Finn, it may not be obvious without explanation. It's certainly not the kind of thing I would instantly get.

        I'd probably go for mostly option one, with a few puns thrown in to round out the menu.

        And I think a form of cherrios rice cereal treats would be cool, maybe dipped in chocolate with footballs piped on. Formed on the dish as a pyramid. :-)

        Please let us know (and ideally capture on film) what you go with!

      2. Mini chocolate awards (the stores have molds) for Sue
        Chocolate keys or musical notes for the club