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Aug 12, 2010 06:31 PM

Went to a taping of Ming Tsai today

It was so interesting to see how a show is actually put together. This is for the new season that airs in October.

John Besh of NewOrleans, and Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother, Cambridge Ma were the 2 guests chefs for two of the shows.

It was agreat experience seeing how it comes together, and I can't wait to see the episodes.

Ming and his staff were all graciuos, and we had a fun time. My husband who does not cook at all, but of sees some of the shows I watch was also impressed with the whole dynamics.

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  1. how did you learn of this and get tickets?

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    1. re: rouxmaker

      I got an e-mail from his Exec Assistant. I had e-mailed the store site well over a year ago, other than that I have had no correspondence to or from them. I have never been to Blue Ginger, so I was surprised to get the e-mail. There was a charge that was going 100% to one of his charities, The Cam Neely Foundation, so I didn't mind that there was a price to pay.

      I meant to ask her when she greeted us at the door of Clarke in Milford MA, where all 8 seasons have been taped which I had no idea about at all. Now after purusing through his website, more than I have ever before, it does mention it.

      It really was a very nice 4hours there, and there were only about 20 people that were there not as part of the whole production. I also, never got to ask any of the others how they were there. At least one knew Ming, as before the taping he came over and said hello to her, then to us as we were sitting in the row behind her.

    2. how fun! did you get to try the food at all?

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      1. re: jujuthomas

        We got to try one dessert, a mini portion, but can't wait until the show airs to get the recipe. Ming and his quest really eat the food, we did see some leave the building with some of the production staff, not a lot, but most went back to the kitchen and I'm sure got to feed all the people associated with the show.

        We were able to take home a couple of bottles of one of the sponsers who spoke to us for a few minutes, Wan Ja Shan, either the organic worcestershire sauce or the organic ponzu sauce.

        Plus when we arrived at our seats, each one had a nice little pkg sitting on it, Ming's Master Recipes book, a nice wooden spoon with Clarke stamped on it, a small jar of Penzy's spice, and some info about the spice, and The Clarke Culinary Centers regarding classes which I just may look into. In between one of the taping segments everyone took a break and we were told Ming would be happy to sign the book and allow a picture with him that one of the staff took using your camera.

        Yes, it really was fun, I asked if it was probably a totaly diferent dynamic when Ming's mom Iris was there for a taping, and needless to say the answer was an astounding YES. No surprise there, I so wished she was taping last Thursday.

        The hardest part was trying not to laugh at some of the antics that happened while taping,although once I just laughed right out loud, not a cackle or crazy, but I so couldn't help when John Besh and MIng were kidding with each other with the camera rolling. I did however control myself the rest of the time, now I doubt very much I'd be able to if Iris was there. If I ever get to see that I will bring duct tape, of course colored coordinated with my color choice that day!

        1. re: hummingbird

          I am so happy you had a great experience. The majority of our staff has been there for years which is a true testament to MIng and the vibe we have while shooting. We love what we do and have a lot of laughs doing it. I will be sure to post information on how to attend a taping in season 9 as I think it is one of the better tapings to attend (I am biased of course!). Thank you!

          -Show producer

          1. re: umami76

            umami76, trying to remember if you were the one sitting up amongst the rest of us, when you weren't running around, and we did chat a bit here and there, but now not sure of the role of the person that was.

            Even if we didn't chat, it was great watching the ineraction with all the people working in various capacities, and enjoying all the fun had by all.

            I do hope to get a chance for the next season, and so wish it would be one that Ming's mom is going to be on.

            Have to ask, when will season 8 start showing on PBS? I thought it was scheduled for this month, but no mention on Ming's site nor has it shown yet that I know of. Channel 2 has been not showing a lot of cooking shows as of late, and most of the ones on channel 11 are repeats.

          2. re: hummingbird

            I love hearing good reports on a chef/host/show that i enjoy! Thanks!

            1. re: Firegoat

              It was a really nice experience and so much fun too. Just watching so many people in all their roles woking together and making it all come together was such an eye opener. Everyone I did get a chance to speak with that was involved with the show all mentioned just how gracious Ming is. Yes you have to do your job, and if there is any need to be called upon by him to correct something it is always done in that same gracious way.

              And, yes I am cheering for him on TNIC.