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Aug 12, 2010 06:29 PM


Its had its own RW since June 21, and it runs through mid-September. As anyone dined there recently?

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  1. Not recently, but I've dined there over the years and love the food, service, and ambiance. Very romantic.

    1. Yes, twice last week. That's our go-to restaurant with out of towners, especially out of towners whose food bona fides we don't know -- and last week we had out of town company twice. Between the broad menu, reliable, well-prepared food, excellent service, and decor with a great sense of place, 1789 is a can't miss restaurant. Additionally, the summer pricing makes the decision to go there with some frequency a no-brainer. (Even the dress code has relaxed somewhat. Jackets are requested but no longer required for gentlemen.)

      Among the eight meals eaten there last week, here are some dishes that were serious stand-outs: Chicken liver appetizer, vegetable lasagna, scallops, tenderloin, chocolate-pistachio ice cream sandwich, espresso-mascarpone bar. (The scallops accounted for four dishes: One the first meal and three at the second meal on the strength of my enthusiastic recommendation. One person ordering the scallops at the second meal claimed she didn't like scallops, but ended up enjoying this preparation.)

      My husband loves lamb so the first time he ordered the confit option. He was absolutely delighted with the dish. The waiter had shared that this was his favorite between the two lamb preparations, although the leg & chop version is ordered more frequently. That fact loomed large on our second visit. When my husband ordered the leg & chop combination, he was told the kitchen had run out of the the chops and were serving the dish with legs only. This inequality is weird unless the kitchen was letting patrons order chops only off menu. Frankly, given the restaurant's gracious steps to accommodate one eater who has a milk allergy (for whom Lactaid doesn't work) I can imagine the restaurant responding to a special request for chops only. If that's true, unfortunately, my husband was on the wrong end of someone else's accommodation. He switched his choice from the lamb to the tenderloin with good results.

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        Do you know if the chocolate bread pudding is still on the menu? If so you MUST try it.

        1. re: Elyssa

          It's not on the menu at the moment. The current dessert choices feature fruit along with the pistachio and chocolate options I mentioned above.

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          These are incredibly helpful posts. Thanks so much to all of you. I've made reservations for September.

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            More details about the summer promotion:

            o You are allowed to order any two dishes from the main menu and a dessert from the separate dessert menu. There are no up charges. The restaurant deals with inherently more expensive ingredients by making the portions smaller or larger. For example, when one of our group ordered lobster as the second course she was told that the portion was only a half lobster and would be a more appropriate choice as an appetizer.

            o The menu is organized by food group (e.g. poultry, pasta, salad) rather than course. Within each group, the options are listed with lightest dishes first and most substantial dishes least.

        3. Not recently but I've dined when they've had this annual Restaurant Week special in the past and it's really an excellent deal. The menu they offer normally has a ton of options and you still get top rate service and cooking. You should certainly check it out. It's a really nice way to get a special occasion dinner in without having to pay through the roof prices.

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            I am finally going to 1789 after several years here. Can someone explain the menu? It looks on the website like it is a sharing/tapas(?) menu now? Is that correct?

            1. re: daves_32

              If you read my August 14 (6:35 a.m.) post, you'll find an explanation of the menu. There's certainly nothing to stop you from assembling a meal out of lots of smaller plates, but that's not the restaurant's intent.

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                How about outside the special. Is the regular menu now a small dishes menu or still full individual entrees? It says something about assembling and sharing on the menu.

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                  If you go to the menu on the web site, you're looking at the only menu. Although you'll be presented with a menu with individual prices on it, until some date that's not too far in the future, the special price applies without even having to ask for it.

                  I think one of our waiters used the phrase "create your own tasting menu" at some point in his spiel. I think that's nothing more than appropriating buzz words. You'll simply order whatever you want to eat as you would do at most other restaurants.

                  My husband and I often dine out with another couple and the other wife and I often share our appetizers, switching plates at the half-way point. That doesn't make any restaurant where we do this a small plates restaurant.