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King Wah in Oakland Chinatown (what's happening?)

Does anyone know what's happening with King Wah in Oakland Chinatown? First they said they were remodeling and now someone tells me they are closed for good. I love the Stuffed Chicken Wings. Is there any other place that has this?

New King Wah
383 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607

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  1. Heard closed for good also

    1. What are the stuffed chicken wings like? Battambang has a version, don't know if it's similar to the one you're looking for.

      850 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607

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        The Angel Wings at Champa Garden are also very good.

        Champa Garden
        2102 8th Ave, Oakland, CA 94606

      2. I checked the place out a few weeks ago. Looks like some construction activity going on inside. Current city of Oakland notices posted in the window. Looks encouraging for reopening.

        1. Went by there on 9/6/10. There was some major construction going on. Scaffolding on the front and the inside is gutted down to the cement floor. Hopefully a good sign for a reopening in a month or so.

          1. I passed by a couple of days ago, and they had a sign reading "New King Wah" up. A quick web search reveals this:
            Is this the same family name as the previous/now retired owners?

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              Walked by today -- New King Wah Cafe & Restaurant.

              Someone told me last week that a former cook from Peony might be involved w/ New King Wah

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                no, believed the previous owners name started with an h, (hui, hiu, not sure).

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                  The sign says " New King Wah Cafe & Restaurant. Interesting. I talked to one of the waitresses who works across the street in the parking lot booth. She said that it will be opening next month and the menu will be half old menu and new items. She also said the cooks will be half King Wah and then new cooks. I think one of Jimmy's friends bought it, so he should know what's up with the original dishes. Dry fried ribs...please. Crack on sticks.

                  King Wah Restaurant
                  209 Southgate Ave, Daly City, CA 94015

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                    cool. it would be good if they left out some of the salt. dishes too salty for my taste.

              2. Think they re-opened a few days ago. I walked by during the power outage on Sunday and it looked like there were workers sitting there in the dark.

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                  tried out their tomato beef chow mein with pan fried noodles and it pales in comparison with economy's. very large portion but sauce too starchy, noodles tuff and beef not so tender. very friendly, good service.

                  interior is totally different. bright lights, creamy walls. looks like a chinese deli section in the corner with some precooked items for takeout.

                  dailly lunch specials. mostly rice plates (5.99) are posted in chinese on the white board on the left wall. btw, my chow mein was discounted by the waitress. probably an unofficial grand opening policy.

                  at a glance, the menu looked typical cantonese: chow mein, fried rice, rice plates, wonton, noodles, etc. didn't notice hong kong fare but wasn't looking for it either.

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                      economy (corner, 8th & franklin, oaktown) is long gone. old style chinese, greasy spoon, hole in the wall. replaced by fast food, cheap lunch place.

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                        Economy Chop Suey closed down maybe five years ago. The place is now occupied by China Star (399 8th St.).

                        China Star
                        2101 W College Ave Ste A, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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                          Yup.. realized it was the place that was next to Yet Sun

                    2. re: kc72

                      Yes, it did reopen. The interior is completely changed and bright, but still not completed. The dining area is narrower and smaller. Kinda miss the old King Wah decor.

                      The menu is almost exactly the same. I ordered takeout to give it a try. Of course, probably not as good as dining there. About the same in taste, not not quite. (They changed size (bigger) of the chow mein noodles. Ii prefer the former. I understand the there maybe a holdover in a cook or 2 from the original. Hopefully they can get the new cooks up to speed.

                      Going to have to dine there to get a good impression of the food and new cooks. After about 30 years as a customer, I consider myself an expert :)

                      King Wah Restaurant
                      209 Southgate Ave, Daly City, CA 94015

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                        Like rtorio and others on this post, I've been a "regular" at the "old" King Wah for about 12 years. I was headed to lunch there several months ago and saw that they were closed and remodeling, and decided to check on Chowhound for an update. Lo and behold, I found that they were now reopened and decided to check out the remodeled place. As I walked in, I saw the old owner (Jim Hooi) and said "Hi" to him. He told me that after 33 years in the biz, he was retiring and sold the business to two chefs who were from Peony Restaurant. I just happened to luck out and see him because he was helping with the "transition" to the new owners. He mentioned that he had "shared" his recipes/techniques with the new chef/owners. As shanghaikid mentioned previously, this place is pretty much "old school Cantonese" and I was initially attracted (after getting a recommendation by a friend) by the Tomato Beef Chow Mein that had that "taste" that I remembered as a kid and could never seem to find again despite the great amount of Cantonese places that are located in the Bay Area.
                        Verdict: Pretty good imitation of the "old" King Wah but they did raise the prices of the food about $1.00 - $1.25/order. Will have to go back to try out other menu items to see if the chefs get "up to speed" like rtorio mentioned.