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Aug 12, 2010 05:18 PM

Best place for Lebanese food?

I want to take my husband for Lebanese food....anywhere in Boston we should check out? When we lived in DC the choices were not so much.

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  1. garlic 'n lemon on harvard street in Allston

    1. Cafe Barada in North Cambridge has some nice Lebanese and Syrian dishes.

      Cafe Barada
      2269 Massachusetts Ave Ste 1, Cambridge, MA 02140

        1. re: kimfair1

          Third. If you're on Facebook, they announce the specials of the day on their page. Today's was Mlukhieh: jute leaves and cilantro cooked with chicken, topped with onions, vinegar and pita chips

        2. If you want to venture outside of Boston to the suburbs, Byblos in Norwood has excellent Lebanese food.

          1. i second Byblos. Very fresh, always delicious. Fair prices and good, friendly service. Has been our go to place for Lebanese. We've also always had great food at Karoun in West Newton. A little pricey but very good. Also friendly owners, and pretty good belly dancers and entertainment on weekends.

            Karoun Restaurant
            839 Washington St, Newtonville, MA 02460