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Aug 12, 2010 05:17 PM

Wedding Wine

Any suggestions for wedding wine in Texas need about 20+ cases and want to keep total wine purchase under $2K. Need white / red and sparkler for italian theme dinner and cocktail hour - plated meal to include both a small filet and chicken dish ... various passed apps during cocktail hr. I am CA resident but wine will need to be delivered to TX.

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  1. Unfortunately, your budget is tough here. You're looking at about $9 a bottle.

    I'd probably opt for an Orvieto for the white, a Barbera (lower tannins, higher acid) for the red and Prosecco for the bubbles. I can't reco specific wines, as I don't know what's available to you.


    1. prosecco is clearly the choice for sparkling.

      best red choices would be barbera or dolcetto from piedmont or a sangiovese or sangio blend from tuscany. santa cristina is a good choice here, good tasting, good price and readily available. chiarlo's barbera is equally good and readily available at a good price.

      lots of great choices for the whites. i suggest you buy 3 or 4 bottles of different ones in your price range and choose the one you like best. soave, gavi, vermentino, verdecchbio, friulano, falanghina - heck even pinot grigio.

      buy it in texas. you may need to rely on someone you trust there to make the selections based on price and availabiltiy.

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        Thanks for the suggestions - we love the CA Barberas and Sangi's from the foothills - not that familiar with the Italian imports so will need to give them a try... Nice suggestions for the whites. Prosecco likely a good choice as well. Looking forward to the homework !

      2. Are you sure you need 20 cases? That is 1200 glasses of wine. And my expeirence says it serves 400-450 people/3 gl per person assuming you have open bar and beer too. If no booze, then figure higher glass average per person.

        Another think to consider: have 3-4 cases of premium wine for the premium wine people. Have the service team keep it under the bar for those who ask, and put it on the tables where the serious drinkers are. And they will love you for the top shelf treatment, and no one else will pay attention.

        1. My hubby, friends and I have a lot of fun with Wine. We are life long students and LOVE to drink anything from fine wines to great wines at good prices. Our cellar has close to 1000 bottles of wine, but there are no wine snobs here. Just fun drinkers and "tipsy" spenders. A couple of tastings at those CA wineries and everything seems like a "good price". HA HA! Then, shipment after shipment arrives at your door and you realize... It's time to get more cellar racks!!

          Here are some recommendations I have for you. I've provided links to some sites so you can see the labels etc. I haven't done business with Crown, but they had the wine for a good price with pics and good descriptions. I am lucky enough to buy all of this (except the red) locally.

          White - Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is a great, crispy white. New Zealand does some of the best Sauv Blancs in the world in my opinion. And it is surprisingly anywhere from $9 - $12 a bottle. One of my friends is a Chef/Owner at a famous French restaurant here in the DC area and I tasted it on his recommendation. It's been my house white now for the last 5 years or more. White drinkers almost always love it. (Unless they love it REALLY sweet)

          Sparkling - I included this wine in a blind taste test with a group of friends, fellow winos. Among the several sparkling wines in the $40 - $60 range, I including The Widow, Vueve Cliquot in this tasting and WHite Star by Moet Chanfdon. This one ranked most expensive. It's only $10 - $12 or so a bottle. Francois Montand Brut. We carry this by the case to any parties we go to / vacation homes we rent.

          Red - Now there are as many palates as there are stars in the sky. I find choosing red to fit the needs of a crowd really tricky. But, even the most sophisticated of tasters can from time to time enjoy a manstream red. To show this, I had another blind tasting at my house. I had 50 guests. All avid winos. Everyone tasted all the wines and put a rubbery thing around the neck of the bottle they loved best. The price cap on the wine was $60. (I know that my friends would get competitive otherwise and whip out something crazy, but delicious) Of all the wines, including Silverado and Silver Oak from the beautiful Napa Valley, the hands down clear winner was... (you're never going to believe this....) A 2002 Sutter Home Merlot. (This was about 2004 when I hosted the party) It was $6.00 bottle. I have to say, it was a big upset and the stories are still being told today.

          For the red, perhaps get some friends together, put all the bottles in brown bags for a tasting and figure out what most of your friends love. Keep them all under a certain price. Then, if it is a really crazy brand in the eyes of your guests, have them serve it out of decanters instead of the bottle. Some people get judgemental just on the label when really, they can't tell the difference.

          If you want a wine with a sense of humor that you would be proud to show the bottle, I've had a lot of fun with this tasty Merlot. I order it by the case. It's called "Not another !@#% Merlot" and it's produced in Southern Oregon. It is tasty and SOOOO FUN! The bottle LEANS sideways and the label will get people laughing. It's a little higher price point becuase it is more artisinal, bt the fun factor might make it worth it, if your guests find that kind of thing humorous,

          I hope this was helpful. Good luck. Don't be stressed by your price point. It's smart to stay in a budget. Newly married couples have way more imprtant things to spend money on after the wedding. If all else fails, have a signature liquor drink up front to loosen the palate and they'll drink anything. I've seen EverClear all over when I have visited Texas. A little concoction made with that will loosen everyone up. :)

          There is no mention if this is your wedding or not, but best wishes to you or betrothed loved ones!

          1. At this price point you will find almost all wines from Italy or California to be quite awful. I strongly suggest that you look for wines from Chile for the white and red wine (e.g., Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet) and Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut for the sparkler. I hope that you have a wonderful wedding and congratulations!!