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Aug 12, 2010 04:58 PM

Paris Michelin Restaurant, Lunch/Late Night Specials?


I will be spending only three days in Paris (Sun/Mon/Tues) and am interested in taking in great dining on a budget. I have already booked Nomiya (more for the novelty than the highest quality of food), but am looking to book something else, either for a lunch, or ideally a very late dinner. The best possible choice would have been Guy Savoy's special (10pm dinner), but they are closed Sun/Mon, and Tuesday we already have a Nomiya lunch. Are any of the other 2/3 Michelin places offering late night specials, or lunch specials (and do you know the prices)? I have tried searching, but I don't see anything near the caliber of the Guy Savoy deal. Would having Nomiya and Guy Savoy on the same day be a little too much?


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  1. Don't know about Guy Savoy, but our lunch at Nomiya was almost 3 hours, included champagne and pretty much all you can drink wine, 3 courses plus amuse bouches. Don't know if I'd want to sit for 2 long meals in one day.

    Hope to be able to book dinner at Nomiya in September for hubby's 50th. Food was good, atmosphere was great and the view was unforgettable. I'd love to see it at night.


    1. Check this board for opinions on Ledoyen, Le Cinq, Michel Rostang, and others for lunch specials. Late at night, l am not your guy. While G Savoy is the most fun, the three listed above are better food IMO.

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        I certainly agree with Deluca about Savoy. Other good lunch specials can be had at L'Astrance and Les Ambassadeurs. I've never heard of late-night specials.

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          Agreed no late night specials.

          Dawang - 2 & 3 stars take reservations for the number of tables they have and that is it, the table is yours for the night, I can't think of a 2 or 3 star that turns tables although that does happen at some 1 stars.