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Aug 12, 2010 03:46 PM

Anyone been to Ye's in HIghbury/Islington, London?

The Chinese name says something like Dongbei restaurant, but the English name is Ye's. It's a few doors from Trullo. Wondering if anyone has tried it -- the English menu in the window looks generic, but don't know if they have additional menus, especially if they're doing Dongbei (NE Chinese) cooking.

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  1. Haven't tried this one, but I will certainly be paying attention (and perhaps trying soon) with great interest!

    A little bit off topic, can I make a suggestion to people who contribute to the forum here? I may know the location by street or neighbourhood if a place is near me, but otherwise it would be useful to post an address, or a link to one of those sites that lists places with an address and phone if one exists, like this.

    I know I could just look this stuff up, but since people are writing for the board anyway.

    1. I haven't, but have you tried Trullo? It's on my radar...

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        Haven't tried Trullo -- it's had a lot of press lately, so I'm waiting for the buzz to die down after a few months.

      2. I was having a really miserable Saturday working at home all day and evening so ordered a huge carry out from here to cheer myself up. The food was so disappointing it completely ruined what was supposed to be the only highlight of my evening. It's one of the worst examples of that really unpleasant greasy, stodgy and tasteless Chinese food where everything is in a gloopy bright red sauce.

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          Thanks much for chiming in. What did you get (so that we could avoid it)? Also, did they have multiple menus or just one?

          1. re: limster

            yeah i'm still intrigued by this place... i saw someone mention in passing on another forum that they enjoyed this place more than silk road

            1. re: t_g

              they do have another menu! i stopped in the other day just to find out some info and ended up just getting an appetiser + some rice. my dish was a salad w/ deep fried jellyfish, chinese cabbage, coriander + strips of beef in it - seemed quite unusual to me, but then i dont have much experience w/ dongbei food. other things on the menu included that sweetcorn + salted egg dish that they have at sichuan in acton (as well as a few other things that seemed sichuan-y to me) and also quite a bit of offal.

              need to go back + try more stuff out when i'm not in a rush

              1. re: t_g

                Great, thanks for digging more out of this place. Gourmet San and My Old Place are examples of Dongbei places -- if you've been to those already, might be good for comparing.

                More general stuff on Dongbei cuisine here that I've found to be useful:

                Sweetcorn is often used in Dongbei cuisine as well.

                1. re: limster

                  oh there was also a lamb hot pot section

                  1. re: t_g

                    Just in time for the cooler weather. :)

                    Will have to try it soon.

                  2. re: limster

                    thanks for that link, yeah the salad that i had was quite vinegar-y...

                    1. re: limster

                      Perhaps this thread as well, if I may:

                      Other features of Dongbei food are having a variety of steamed dumplings on the menu and pickled vegetables. Most families (and restaurants) pickle their own and for short periods of time i.e. 30 days or less. The pickled vegetables are added to dumplings, soups and casseroles. Rice, if it is served, has tiny specs of millet in it.

                      I am very curious about these two Dongbei spots in London.

                      1. re: scoopG

                        still havent been able to make it back here but am wondering if anyone can translate this blog post abt it?

                        1. re: t_g

                          Ya know t_g, I would not call this a "full blown" review of the place. In my limited Chinese, Michelle says "the place is simple and clean. Kids love the aquarium. The owner is from Shenyang and the food is typical Liaoning province fare. They use a tomato based sauce for sweet and sour dishes. Family friendly. The Lamb hot pot is a must and they have great sides like cabbage, mushrooms and tofu..." There is more on the lamb dishes but I got both stuck and tired!