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Aug 12, 2010 02:16 PM

New Design: Bring Back "All Activity" -- It's a Useful Feature

Somehow this got left out of the new design. This is an error.

Bring it back.

I realize this omission has been discussed in other posts, but the posts are buried in with other comments about the re-design. There needs to be a separate discussion about this.

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  1. Yes! I agree. I used it regularly and miss it very much. Pretty please with sugar on it, bring it back! Thanks.

      1. i was going to start the same thread, maria lorraine. i'm glad you did it. it is THAT important to have its own thread.

        here's what i have:

        i miss "all activity" very much. i used it so often for 1. getting a shortcut to my recent posts, 2. seeing which posts of mine remained, 3. checking for replies to my recent posts, specifically, & 4. seeing at a glance what other posters have been saying, and on which threads.

        please restore this feature!

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        1. re: alkapal

          Thanks for your support, alkapal. I appreciate your passion on all things food.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            maria, they must restore this feature. without it, i feel that i shall use the site much less.

        2. In addition, what's the point of "unread posts" in the profile page? I know it replaced the old "hot posts" from Chowhound 1.0, but it is pretty useless, since it covers the entire CH boards. Does anyone even use this feature? If the user can select boards from their saved boards and apply the "unread posts" feature, that would be helpful, but as it stands now, it seems superfluous. From the user's perspective, I would nix the "unread posts" and keep "all activity". It makes more sense for how most people use the site.

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          1. re: E Eto

            If it worked like the old hot posts, it would be the part of the site where I would go.

            I like being able to see what is going on across the US and rest of the world. I like seeing what's happening in home cooking and general topics.

            Because I want a more global view of the entire site, hot posts is very important to my participation in the site. Since it stopped working correctly years ago I read less and less of Chowhound. I have neither the time nor the inclination to click on every single board one by one to see what's happening there.

          2. This is also important when detecting possible shills. If I see a glowing recommendation for a restaurant from a poster I've never heard of, I look at their "my posts." If I see that their only 7 posts on the site are about the restaurant in question, I will ignore their rec.

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            1. re: Miss Needle


              why did they dump this feature? WHY?

              1. re: Miss Needle

                I hope that as well as ignoring their rec, you hit 'report; to notify mods of a possible shill.

                I wasn't a heavy user of all activity, but it was handy if I wanted to see what a particular poster I liked was up to these days without having to click on every post.

                Also, I used it occasionally to check my posts if I wanted to find out quickly where exactly it was that I made a comment which might be useful elsewhere. And yes ... occasionally as a self-moderation thing if something may have been deleted. It was a confirmation that the mods found it unacepptable and a guideline to me for future posts ... i.e. ... don't do it again ... or ... that is fine, no problem.

                Actually, I thought this would have been a feature the mods used to keep an eye on problem posters. Wrong assumption, I guess

                1. re: rworange

                  Besides helping to identify shills (which I do report) I can get a sense of how often the poster posts, if the person is often negative, or fixated on certain issues -- in other words not a shill, but not necessarily someone I want to take seriously.

                  So, yes, please bring it back!

                2. re: Miss Needle

                  Jacquilynne/Chowhound Team,

                  Miss Needle makes an excellent point.

                  When a post seems suspicious -- a little too glowing of a product, resto, etc. -- checking the posters other posts is the best way to detect shill posts.

                  Moreover, Chowhound has asked hounds to report shill posts, in order to best serve
                  The Prime Directive. We can't do that if we can't read what else a poster has written, or -- to the point -- other shill posts on the same thing that reveal the poster's true intent (to market a product).

                  Another use: let's say we read a post we really like -- something strikes us about this poster's great cooking, food knowledge, history, food chemistry insight. So we click on their name to read other posts. Can't do that now.

                  Bring back the feature.

                  1. re: Miss Needle

                    i did this too. when i was in doubt about whether to report a shill to the mods it really helped clear it up if i checked the all activity and there were other shill-worthy posts about the same restaurant etc.

                    also useful to check your own work-- i admit i do this.

                    very useful to see at a glance another poster's home board, fave/recently visited restaurants for context, or to identify whether a person is a well-rounded contributor or just likes contentious NAF threads for the hell of it, or they specialize in cold-smoking fish threads on the HC board, or they have a history of going off on rants about certain subjects (just avoid, sk--learn to avoid!!!). when someone from out of town whom i don't "know" as a poster is asking for a rec i can glance at the all activity to help align the rec with type/style/price point of hometown restaurants they like/dislike.

                    all activity also was helpful when identifying brand new hounds, because some of us try to be nice to them. clicking on someone's "all activity" when they post a FAQ can cut down on the "wow everyone bit my head off for asking about pizza/hotdogs/walleye, sorry-- i'm new here and excuse me for asking" syndrome. if it's someone's very first post or they are brand new to the local board folks are going to try to welcome them and encourage them rather than post something snarky or ignore their post, we would hope.

                    getting rid of the all activity context is going to cut down on everyone playing nice. i think lots of the "older" posters used this feature a lot more than casual folks looking for a quick happy hour rec. used it more for the more serious food discussion, and to follow the "problem" threads with lots of deletions, before they wind up getting shut down. this feature made sense. i really miss it and would welcome having this feature back.