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Aug 12, 2010 02:04 PM

Osoyoos - what's good?

I'm heading up there on the 23rd for a week and have not spent much time there before. Any good eats? We have a 2 yr old so it would be best if it's suitable for her also. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. there are good restaurants with some of the wineries (Burrowing Owl and Nk'Mip for example) but otherwise Osoyoos does not have a lot to recommend.

    1. Osoyoos is so close to so many other cities like Kelowna, Naramatta, Penticton so dont limit yourself to just Osoyoos. Some of the wineries have great bistro's. The wine in this region is EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir is very nice, Hester Creek's whole collection is awesome. Spirit Ridge has a nice eatery.

      1. I was there last week for a few minutes and only grabbed a quick bite at a coffeeshop, but it was good. It was their opening day and I think the place was called JoJo's on mainstreet. Good coffee and fresh granny-made banana bread which was excellent. I believe they had paninis and similar stuff. If the banana bread was any indication I think lunch there would be good!

        1. Oliver has quite a few more restaurants and is only 15 minutes up the road. You could also try there.

          1. I'd definitely check out the Wineries and their associated restaurants/bistros/kitchens ... that's probably where the good eating is.

            Unless you consider Smitty's a good place to go. Otherwise, when I pass through Osoyoos it's normally the Tim Horton's for coffee, McD's or A&W for the kids ...

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              if anyone happens to be around here in the near future I thought I should let you know I had a very solid dinner at the Wildfire Grill in Osoyoos this eve. We had an excellent house salad, calamari, and fried chicken. We ordered the penne for my daughter and she inhaled it. Far exceeded our expectations!

              Wildfire Grill
              8526 Main St, Osoyoos, BC V0H1V4, CA