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Aug 12, 2010 01:28 PM

Looking for rakija

Just wondering if anyone can suggest a store in Manhattan or Brooklyn that carries decent rakija.


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  1. The liquor store on 187th near Arthur avenue in the Bronx carries a few varieties. I have not encountered any kinds in Manhattan. I am sure other parts of the Bronx with Shqiptarë would carry it in the liquor stores. Paç fat

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    1. If the psychological distance isn't too far there are any number of stores that carry it in Astoria, catering to the local community from the former Yugoslavia. Grand Liquor under the 30th ave subway stop carries numerous varieties. About 20 min. from Times Square on the train.

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        I like Astoria and I am looking for the Serbian kind. The Albanian stuff is fine but I am not so into the grape/plum ones. Thanks again!