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Aug 12, 2010 01:26 PM

Dinner Recs for family near Airport in Louisville

I'm driving from Lexington KY to meet some friends on Saturday evening in Louisville. They are staying at a hotel near the airport. I'm looking for dinner recommendations that would be family friendly. They have 3 young children ages 5-10. They are very healthy eaters- no fried foods etc. Any suggestions?


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  1. Louisville is so easy to navigate that I would encourage you to branch out beyond the airport area. My recommendations tend to be ethnic. The Vietnam Kitchen is probably closest to the airport. Frankfort Avenue has wonderful Middle Eastern Food at the Grape Leaf. Both of those are kid friendly for adventurous eaters. Bardstown Road is going to be a safe bet for everything local from pizza, Italian, pub grub or sushi. From the airport take 265 East to Bardstown Road North. Travel for a couple of miles until you hit Taylorsville Road. After Taylorsville just keep your eyes peeled for choice after delicious choice. Once you get near Eastern Parkway I'd find a parking spot and just walk around until you find a place.

    Vietnam Kitchen
    5339 Mitscher Ave, Louisville, KY 40214

    Grape Leaf
    2217 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

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      Thanks so much we'll check out those options on Bardstown Rd.

    2. Shiraz is a short drive from the airport (the poplar level location)