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Aug 12, 2010 01:13 PM

Holiday party suggestions?

I'm looking into venues for a holiday party for 200-250 people. Our office is located in Radnor, so something near there would be fine, but Center City is an option as well. The budget per person is approximately $125. I've put out requests for information on private events to the Starr and Garces restaurant groups. Last year we had our party at the Constitution Center. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. $125pp for a Christmas party! Are you hiring?

    You may want to inquire at R2L in Liberty Place. The food there is pretty good (not stupendous, but pretty good), they have the space for it, and they have a fantastic view up there, great for a party. And it's right on top of the regional rail station so people don't need to drive from Radnor.

    Top of the Tower is right near there too for easy transportation, I haven't sampled their food in years but it was good at the time:

    Table 31 is another option, the food there is also pretty good, not stupendous, but they have a nice space, lots of room (I think they actually have more seats than any other restaurant in the city), and easy access to Suburban Station. I believe our very own rabidog is event planner there, paging rabidog..

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      Thanks Buckethead! I've obviously been working too many hours to just be seeing this now! But yes, my linkedin address is on my profile, and you can definitely get in touch with me through there anytime! :)

      On a not pimping-my-work perspective, I served on the holiday party committee at my last job and our most successful city-based holiday parties were definitely the art museum and Independence Hall. The art museum had some particularly good food, though we did just a standing hors d'ouvres-style reception and not a sit-down dinner. Maybe just over your budget, but Cescaphe in Northern Liberties also does a great job. Lobster tails, shrimp and oysters set up buffet-style... their food was really high-end, and the space is gorgeous.

    2. Seems like you could try all of the usual wedding locations... Bellevue, Crystal Tea Room, Ben Franklin House, but I can't speak to the quality of their food. Although, I've heard really good things about food and set up at the Curtis Center now that the people from Cescaphe Ballroom are running it.

      Top of the Tower is good food, or was 3 years ago, and I haven't heard differently, and is BYOB, which helps to keep costs down.

      Also, the Union League has a new chef, I believe, and is getting good reviews for food, so provided that one of those 200-250 guests is a member, you should look there.