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Aug 12, 2010 12:55 PM

Weekend in Montreal

I will be traveling to Montreal for the first time for a weekend and staying on Rue Sainte Elizabeth. I am looking for some good eats (and drinks!), and since I've never been there, I don't know where to begin, so please guide me.

Open to all cuisines, looking for some moderately-priced places, but also maybe one meal to splurge on.

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    1. On Rue Saint Elisabeth, there's the "Ste-Elisabeth pub" ( with a nice indoor courtyard.

      But other than that, you a in the middle of nowhere (IMO) except "chinatown" which is about 5,10 minutes walk from there.

      Could you give us more indication what you are looking for ? ambiance?, wine list? stuff you like or dislike ?


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      1. re: Maximilien

        Oh, do I love that pub, Ste. Elisabeth. I agree with Maximilien, that is sort of a food dead zone until you get to Chinatown or the Plateau proper.

      2. In Chinatown, there's Christal No. 1 (Vietnamese) that you should try out for some delicious cheap-eats. Their spring rolls are to die for. It's at 1068 Saint-Laurent Blvd.

        Near by Ste-Élisabeth St. is a really nice tea house called Camelia Sinensis (about 15 min. walk)

        PS : Le Pub Ste-Élisabeth is indeed lovely...

        1. a short walk westward will bring you to place du quartier des spectacles where you'll find both F bar and Brasserie T

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          1. re: westaust

            Good call. Make sure you reserve for T! though... at least a day or two in advance. You should reserve for F too but its never been a problem reserving the morning of.
            Table d hote for lunch at T! is 23, at F its 20.

          2. thanks for all of these replies!

            more about us: we are a 20-something newlyweds looking to eat three days worth of meals in town, so as for what we're looking for, a little of everything!
            things we like: red wine, beer, inventive vegetarian food, hamburgers, fish (but no shellfish!), middle eastern food... we live in manhattan, so we're used to going out for all sorts of international fare, if that helps.
            hubby will eat anything, i have an aversion to slimy foods.

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            1. re: edintern

              We are 30 something new yorkers headed to Montreal and have done some research. In no particular order, these are the restaurants that i've found that look to be worthy of a visit!
              Toque, Laloux, L'express, Il Cortile, Club Chasse et Peche, Graziella, Da Emma, DNA, Garde Manger, Holder, Au Pied du Cochon, Joe Beef, Jean Talon Market (a market not a restaurant!) Olive and Gourmand for lunch, Schwartz (sandwhiches) for drinks: LeLab, Distillerie, Jello Bar

              If you search the names on Chowhound you'll find posts about them. Have fun, looks to be a great city!

              Joe Beef
              2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

              1. re: lulu25j

                L'Express is tired, a place to go to only for the Parisian bistro decor and fairly priced wine list. L'Express and Holder in the same trip would be a pity when there are so many other more interesting places.

                Can't understand why any New Yorker would hit Il Cortile. Even Da Emma and Graziella, both of which I like, are questionable choices unless you're desperate for an Italian hit.

              2. re: edintern

                Alep/Petit Alep could be a good middle eastern choice as well as "Kaza Maza".

                For wine, couple of places with interesting wine lists :
                "3 Petits Bouchons", "La Salle à Manger", "Les Cavistes", "5ème peché"... for private imports, mostly french natural/bio wines. "DNA" in Old Montreal for a nice canadian wine list as well as "Club Chasse et Peche" (more "fancy-ish")...

                Beer : "Dieu du ciel" and a couple of other places.

                Hamburger ... I don't eat those unless I grill my own.
                Fish : Café Ferreira (the big one, not the new F).

                1. re: Maximilien

                  Le saint Bock on St Denis street has an extensive beer list (Over 270 types....yes that right, two hundred and seventy).


                  1. re: Maximilien

                    I second Dieu de Ciel and add L'Amere a Boire to the beer list.

                    1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                      i really dont think Montreal is place to splurge on fish, so i would tend to stay with french or contemporary restaurants; having said that i have had good fish at ferreira on peel (nice ambience, good deal on meals at 10pm) and milos (good deal at lunch, late night otherwise too expensive) and i have a soft spot for the lobster rolls (agree hot dog bun disappointing!) and lobster pizza at muvbox (near silos, below mcgill)when strolling aroung old montreal. I think you would enjoy breakfast at larrivage the restaurant in archeology museum especially if you reserve a table on their small balcony as have view overlooking part of oldport. I am not a fan of olive and gourmand (closed sundays) for the food as have been too often disappointed in pastries, breads and sandwiches, much preferred a recent lunch at cluny restaurant farther west in old montreal but it is not open weekends. Montreal is such a great people watching place that lots of time i compromise as so many of these places listed above are off the beaten track, ie not in the core of downtown, and just go to a terrance/patio with a great view as food tastes better with good company, a glass of wine and nice ambience/summer weather! I would check out M cafe for breakfast, lunch (sandwiches ) or simply just a coffee (they have macarons!) as they have one of these terraces --they are in shopping area, just a block up from main street Ste Catherine. There is another coffee place near M on crescent where i had a good espresso last week, they have a menu of espressos but i was in a rush so couldnt listen to waitors description-- place is called nespresso . People were also having lunch but I didnt look at that menu. Both are pleasant places for beverages and art museum is nearby--some interesting exhibits going on such as miles davis, napoleon (free permanent exhibit).

                      I think we need to find and move up carswells list of montreal musts, buried by now in archives!

                  2. re: edintern

                    Inventive vegetarian food you said???
                    Well I know this place called "Chu Chai" where they have vegetarian "meat". It's made with vegetable but looks and even tastes a lot like meat.
                    Allergic to shellfish??? Well once I had a great coconut shrimp soup there. Really amazing. My sister and her fiancé took me there, and only after I finished eating my "canard à l'orange" they told me it wasn't real duck, and that the shrimp soup wasn't real shrimp either. So they have mock poultry, mock seafood and mock red meat like beef. But also the traditional tofu. And to make things even better, they have a nice terrace.

                    So I have the adress if you want to try it. It's a Thai vegetarian restaurant.

                    Chu Chai
                    4094 Saint-Denis, corner Duluth
                    It's right in between Metro Mont-Royal and Sherbrooke metro
                    if you want to call in 514-843-4194 They speak both french and english :-)
                    Hope you'll like it.

                    Chu Chai
                    4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

                    1. re: Tatilove

                      I was very dubious the first time I went to Chu Chai because "fake meat" just didn't sound like it could really be good. It's surprisingly super delicious. For omnivores, you can (mostly) tell by texture that it's not quite the same, but it's good food. It's become one of our take-out favourites and a great choice when you have a group with vegans and omnivores. I love their spicy three-flavour "beef", "chicken" with crispy spinach, and tapioca pudding.

                      Chu Chai
                      4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA