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Aug 12, 2010 12:49 PM

Reed's Ginger Ice Cream

I had Reed's Ginger Ice Cream this summer on Cape Cod and it may well be the best ice cream I've ever had. Problem is I cannot find it anywhere in Boston. I've checked stores on Reed's web site but they all only carry the famous Reed's Ginger Brew. Anyone know of anywhere in Boston (and area) that carries this gem?


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  1. I've seen it at Whole Foods (at least at the River Street Cambridge location).

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    1. re: DanW

      I called them and was told that they do not carry it. Perhaps it is now a discontinued item.

      1. re: fishbone35

        I would swear I've seen that in the big retail stores.

    2. I just got some at the Washington St Whole Foods in Newton. They had a few of the original and more of the Green Tea, but no Chocolate.

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      1. re: hurm

        Thanks everybody for your followups. I'll keep checking at Whole Foods. It could be that the person who answered my call simply didn't know. I have looked at various Whole Foods in the recent past without success but I'll continue to look. I was just in the Newton store the other day but didn't look. I sure wish I had.

        1. re: fishbone35

          Thanks to this thread, I stopped by the Wash St WF, and they did have the combo Green Tea/Ginger, but seemed to be out of Ginger (probably thanks to CHs!). There were only a few pints, so the salesperson probably missed it...

          1. re: sallyt

            Unfortunately, I can't recommend the Green Tea/Ginger combo - the taste is just off - or maybe just isn't my style... Anyway, I'll hold out for the ginger ice cream!

      2. Sounds lovely. A bit off topic, but Toscanini's ice cream in central square (cambridge, ma) used to have the most delicious ginger snap ice cream. Anyone know if it's still around?

        1. This won't help, but I saw a pint last weekend at the Gourmet Garage in New York City (W 10th and 7th Avenue). I did, however, buy it, and tasted some. Really excellent --- nice creamy texture and pieces of real ginger inside. Not as spicy as I would have thought though.