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Aug 12, 2010 12:27 PM


I'm a geographically impaired non-driver and hardly ever go north of Summerhill (not bragging, just apologizing for upcoming stupid question), but will be off to the Zoo in a few days and was wondering if we (in our rental car) should stop for dinner on the way back to downtown. In particular, will a natural route or easy detour lead us to any of those fabled north-of-TO Chinatowns? If so, what would be your number #1 recommendation for a better-than-Spadina dinner? (Yes, I know there are lots of threads on Richmond Hill etc. already, but it's too much information for a complete neophyte to process.) many thanks for any help!

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    try Perfect Chinese Restaurant...its in scarborough and its a slight detour from the zoo. I've been there a few time and enjoyed it.

    1. I am also completely geographically impaired...
      But my family has been going to to Magic Wok for Chinese for a good 13 years. Got to go early on a weekend night though, waits become disgusting at about 7:30