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whole hog cost/supplier?

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So I've been tasked with helping organize a pig roast...

What does a whole hog cost nowadays and can anyone recommend a butcher who would accommodate this?

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  1. it would help if we knew where you are

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        Dan, iirc darrelleats is in Calgary and writes for FFWD :)

        I'd suggest contacting Broek Pork Acres as they process what they raise and they do list whole pork skin on/off on their wholesale product list: http://www.broekporkacres.com/contact...

        HTH :)

        1. try Spragg's meat shop at the CFM, their phone# is 403-378-3800; www.spraggsmeatshop.com

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            Spragg's also has a booth at Kingsland Market.

          2. I'm doing mine next weekend. I got mine from Spragg Farms. CXalled Bob at Second to None Meats and our hog is 80 lbs at a fixed cost of $325.

            1. We just did this and Bon Ton Meat market supplied that pig and large box to roast it in. I don't know the cost.