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whole hog cost/supplier?

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So I've been tasked with helping organize a pig roast...

What does a whole hog cost nowadays and can anyone recommend a butcher who would accommodate this?

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  1. it would help if we knew where you are

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        Dan, iirc darrelleats is in Calgary and writes for FFWD :)

        I'd suggest contacting Broek Pork Acres as they process what they raise and they do list whole pork skin on/off on their wholesale product list: http://www.broekporkacres.com/contact...

        HTH :)

        1. try Spragg's meat shop at the CFM, their phone# is 403-378-3800; www.spraggsmeatshop.com

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            Spragg's also has a booth at Kingsland Market.

          2. I'm doing mine next weekend. I got mine from Spragg Farms. CXalled Bob at Second to None Meats and our hog is 80 lbs at a fixed cost of $325.

            1. We just did this and Bon Ton Meat market supplied that pig and large box to roast it in. I don't know the cost.

              1. Go to the Hillhurst farmer's market on Wednesday and speak with the guys at Ravenwood farm. You can get a whole berkshire pig for very reasonable cost. If you call them up in Caroline beforehand, they will bring it with them on Wednesday. Or if you are near Caroline, you can visit their shop.

                Their pork is amazing and I'd say better than Broek.