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Aug 12, 2010 11:33 AM

one fantastic dinner in Madrid, please help me!

We will be ending a week long vacation (our first in 3 years!) with one night in Madrid and have saved up for a "last supper". I have looked through previous postings and have found many amazing options. Please help me decide from the following:

Ramon Freixa
Sacha Restaurant

Thank you!!

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  1. The only one I've been to is Ramon Freixa and I was knocked out. In my top 10 meals of last 10 years and my top place in Madrid.
    In summary 'new' interpretations of classic Spanish dishes. We felt it was just a matter of time until the number of stars increases. The wine list was a little thin, but everything else was stunning.

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      Your response is much appreciated. Thank you, estufarian!!

    2. Another option.

      I've been to "Sergi Arola Gastro" two years ago, one of the best meal I ever had; excellent cuisine, fun, ludic, very good service.


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        I was at Sergi Arola the night before I went to Ramon Freixa.
        Much more expensive and, although the molecular gastronomy was impressive, it didn't seem to be 'rooted in tradition' the way the dishes were at RF. I felt I was getting a 'kitchen show' rather than a well-designed meal. RF made the top 10 (as I mentioned above) as did La Terraza del Casino (on the same trip, which also had an excellent wine list). Sergi Arola didn't place anywhere near that category (and also had a pedestrian wine list).

      2. I have not been to Rmon Freixa but have eaten at his place in Barcelona; he seems to be under the radar in that city, especially with foreign visitors, but his food is excellent, modern Catalan without being over the top. I ate at Sergi Arola a few years ago when he has the 2 star La Broche. The meal was very good though it wasn't as good as some of the best such as Arzak, Can Roca, Can Fabes I did love the all white modern dining room and the service was excellent, just the right combination of properness and informality.
        Sacha and Arce are different type of restaurants, less showy and more informal. The decor is more casual/homey as in the case of Arce. The food is more traditional but still very creative. Arce's food has a strong Basque root. And it cost about half of what a meal will be at Arola Gastro. When it comes down to choosing, I think it really depends on what a person is wow by.