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Where to get Deli Sandwiches near Marina Del Rey?

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I'm going on a long drive and need to pick up deli sandwiches for the road... I actually live in Playa Del Rey, but don't mind traveling up to 15 minutes.

The sandwiches DON'T have to be standard variety... but they shouldn't cost more than $5-$6 a piece.


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  1. any ralphs market will make sandwiches any way you want them, but for yummy italian sandwiches try bay cities on lincoln in santa monica

    1. I know the market next to the Shack in Playa has a deli counter in the back. I haven't gotten a sandwhich from there in a few years though, but remember it being pretty cheap and basic.

      1. I like the Italian Combo at Rinaldi's in El Segundo, across from the Fire Station.

        I have them add peperoncini and spicy mustard. Yumm!

        They use Boars Head coldcuts which I like. The $6.00 sandwich is on amazing roll. Large assortment of other sandwiches but I keep coming back to this one.

        $1.00 more gets you a large. Big enough to share if you can bring yourself to part with it.

        1. The North End Caffe in Manhattan Beach also serves Boars Head meats, and they pair the sandwiches with salads.

          North End Caffe
          3421 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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              I second this suggestion. get the godmother. the bread at Bay Cities makes them a superior sandwich. Other places use similar meats and toppings, but nobody uses bread as good as the Bay Cities bread.

            2. original rinaldi's is very good. go there. about 10 min from marina del rey and you won't have to deal with all the hassle of bay cities.

              1. Aside from Bay Cities, I love the sandwiches at Venice Trading Co on Pacific & 26th, leading into Washington. It's a small deli located smack dab in the middle of a bunch of apartments, but their bread is fresh-baked, meats are Boar's Head, and everything in general is tasty and great. There's also a large selection of beverages and snacks to go along, and the only bad thing is that they never fixed their freezer that used to stock Massimo's gelato.

                Grab a couple sandwiches and head to the beach - perfect!

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                  Hey is the Venice Trading Co still in business (Dec 19th 2006)? I drove by there twice and their rollup door was rolled down. Are they on vacation or gone???

                  1. The Cow's End, on Washington and Pacific.

                    1. if you can manage to go to culver city, which is only 2-3 miles from marina, you can go to sorrento italian market for authentic italian deli sandwiches.

                      1. I recommend you get the vinegar and oil, if used, on the side. When 'stored' it tends to make the bread soggy.

                        I like Rinaldi's in El Segundo. See earlier reviews.

                        1. How about Becker's Bakery in Manhattan Beach? I really like their veg sandwich.

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                            GREAT sandwich!! I think you are referring to the Good Earth sandwich?? Great stuff.

                          2. Is there still a HANK'S Pizza & Deli on Pershing at Manchester in Playa? I haven't lived westside for a long time so I don't know if it's still there but you can pull down good subs there if it's still around.

                            1. I think when you consider time and value, Rinaldi's is an easy choice from where the OP is. Up Pershing or Vista del Mar to sleepy downtown El Segundo, and you're there in ten minutes max. Rinaldi's is a great South Bay rival to Bay Cities - it comes down to personal preference. I wouldn't say no to either, but prefer Bay Cities just because I've been eating the Godmother since Gerry Ford was president.