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Aug 12, 2010 10:58 AM

obx bbq - the drive in

making our thrid trip to obx in six years next week. i recall seeing a few bbq place along the last 10 to 15 miles on 158 before reaching the bridge. any place worth stopping at?

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  1. Currituck BBQ is a few miles N of Harbinger. It's excellent. Saul's BBQ in Harbinger is excellent. Both are on Highway 158.

    Sooey's has good BBQ in Corolla, NC and Kitty Hawk, NC. When you get to Kitty Hawk I would go to High Cotton BBQ.

    Currituck BBQ @ 4467 Caratoke Highway, Barco, NC 252 - 453 - 6618.

    Saul's BBQ @ 8627 Caratoke Highwwy, Harbinger, NC 252 - 491 - 5000.

    Sooey's BBQ & Rib Shack @ 807 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 4423.

    Sooey's BBQ @ 1177 Duck Road, Kitty Hawk, NC 252 - 449 - 2271.

    High Cotton BBQ @ 5230 North Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC 252 - 255 - 2275.

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      we stopped at currituck bbq on the drive in. it was about 12:30 and the place was packed. it did not help that their computer system crashed at 10:00 am that morning, which really backed up the kitchen. the 30+ minute wait was over the top, but the food was good. i tried pork and brisket sandwiches and they were great. good sauce selection, too. the owner came out while we were eating outside and appologized to everyone about the wait. he also said that it was the single busiest lunch rush that he had ever had.

      didn't make it to saul's.

      have been to sooey's and high cotton on previous trips and was not impressed.

      thanx for the tip on currituck.