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Aug 12, 2010 10:43 AM

Pumpkin Pie?

Hey Folks,

Is there anywhere in the city that serves good pumpkin pie at this time of year? I seem to recall there being someplace at the Piazza which served pie until 3am or something, but its name escapes me.

I'm looking for pie in an eat-in setting, preferably at night, though I suppose I could get one to go if there's an especially good bakery.


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  1. Darlings is the place in the piazza, but I feel like it got lackluster reviews early on and I stopped paying attention.

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      Thanks! Yeah I remember hearing some bad buzz out of Darlings, which is a shame because they're the only place I've found that has anything pumpkin related on their menu (pumpkin cheesecake).

      Sigh. No big deal, thanks everyone, am totally looking forward to Autumn now!

    2. Have you tried any of the diners? South St, Melrose, and Oregon all have big bakeries and may make pumpkin pie year round.