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Aug 12, 2010 10:24 AM

Indian grocery?

Hello all! I have been on a mission to find a (reasonably well-stocked) Indian grocer in the Saint Paul area. At present, the closest one I can find is in Woodbury (about 15 miles away) and was wondering if there was one closer? Additionally, Google has been less than helpful in terms of reviews and letting me know whether these places still exist. I would be willing to drive slightly further out of my way if I knew these places would still be open. ;)

So. If anybody happens to know of an Indian grocer in the Ramsey County area, that would be wonderful, and I'd be indebted to anyone who could point me in its direction. Otherwise, reviews of other such places in the Saint Paul area would be excellent as well.


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  1. If I may ask, what are you looking for? Some staples, like lentils and ginger, are easy to find in several St. Paul supermarkets. In fact, both the Rainbow and Cub Foods stores on University Avenue in St. Paul have a fair amount of staple products as well as some prepared products (jarred chutneys, teas, British Heinz products). The Mississippi Market co-op has a fair amount of suitable ingredients, as well, and anyone can shop there (you don't need to be a member).

    For more specific ingredients (banana blossoms, etc.), I've done decently well at the Asian grocery stores along University Avenue. For something like asafoetida (sp?), however, you may end up making the trip "out of town".

    If it helps, on lower Central Avenue in Minneapolis is Patel's, which is probably one of the better-stocked Indian groceries around here, and it really is only a few minutes from the northwest corner of St. Paul city limits.

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      I've been looking for things like fresh fenugreek leaves, whole urad dal, amchoor powder, jaggery, kala namak, Kashmiri chilies, etc. I've been shopping at the other places (especially the Asian markets) for some time, but thank you for the advice! I do very much appreciate the time you took to respond. :)

      I will certainly check Patel's, thanks for the suggestion! That sounds like it may be promising.

    2. Depending where in Ramsey county you are located, off 694 and Central Avenue going south is a grocer called "Pooja Grocery" - they seem to carry a pretty wide selection of goods and fresh produce.

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        Fantastic, thanks! I will certainly drop by there. :)

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          Pooja had the Amchoor powder I was looking for, and looks to be well worth a return visit. A large variety of Indian specialties, spices, produce. Everything is well organized, and the restaurant is going on my to-do list.

        2. Patel brothers on central ave. has everything you're looking for. Central ave in Minneapolis is like a mini version of Devon Ave. in chicago. Don't go to google for your indian needs, you need to go straight to the source:

          good luck.

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            I would add Eastside co-op and Holy Land to that list, if you don't find what you want elsewhere on Central. If you find amchoor powder (or if anyone has), please let us know. I'm looking myself.

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              I prefer Pooja and the new chaat restaurant inside makes the trip worth it. They do carry amchoor whole and in powder form. Adds that special tang to you chole for those who are curious. It's basically dried green mango powder. Good stuff.

              I actually made a drive over to the Indian place in Woodbury as I was curious if there was a store near St. Paul as I live downtown. It was pretty small and had limited hours. Your best bet is to head to down to Central Avenue.

              Woodbury Cafe
              803 Bielenberg Dr, Saint Paul, MN 55125

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                I used to shop at Holy Land for most of my East Indian goods, but about a year ago they stopped carrying them, so I'd look elsewhere.

            2. I also forgot about Desi Foods (assuming they're still around; hard to know without a scorecard sometimes). They're in Eagan, which sounds like a trip, but it's really only a few minutes down 35E from St. Paul (if you're not going during rush hour). Never been there myself; it's on my list for the next time I'm in the area.

              Here's a link (I couldn't find one for the store itself):

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