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Aug 12, 2010 10:02 AM

Anything new or really good in Virginia Beach not to miss?

In VA Beach or nearby, thanks!

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  1. I like Margie and Ray's, and the Boardwok which are both off of Sandbridge Road. Jade Villa near Pembroke Mall if you like Chinese.

    Jade Villa
    353 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    Boardwok Restaurant
    1993 Sandbridge Rd Ste 109, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

    1. Steinhilber's is outstanding fine dining open for dinner only. Aldo's has excellent Italian for lunch or dinner.

      Steinhilber's @ 653 Thalia Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 757 - 340 - 1156.

      Aldo's Restaurant @ 1860 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 757 - 491 - 1111.

      1. For some more casual choices, I really liked Mojitos on a recent visit. As the name would imply, the mojitos were fantastic! Also, I really liked the fish tacos and margaritas at Pelon's Baja Grill. This is more of a lunch or casual dinner option since it's a burrito joint, but I thought it was pretty tasty. Also, for casual, very affordable breakfast I liked Doc Taylor's.

        1. Two choices for Italian--Il Giardino on Atlantic Avenue. Good wood-fired pizzas, but be warned on busy nights it's really noisy.

          Farther up Atlantic Avenue on top of the Holiday Inn is Isle of Capri. Beautiful view of the beach, killer Caesar salad and really good food, not to mention MUCH quieter.

          Be warned that neither is a "stroll in in your shorts and flip-flops off the beach" kind of place. You can get away with jeans but wear a collared shirt or a nice blouse.

          For more casual eating there's Chick's Oyster Bar--great she-crab soup, burgers and sandwiches.

          Chick's Oyster Bar
          2143 Vista Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

          1. The crabcakes at any of the Surf Rider locations are not to be missed!

            Surf Rider
            550 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451