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What do you do with your food processor blades?

Yeah, that pretty much says it. In my kitchen, the primary chopping blade - the one I use most often - lives inside the processor itself. But the thing came with at least three other attachments that I can think of, which I very rarely use, and I have yet to find a suitable storage solution for those. They're too sharp to have loose in a drawer or cupboard. I hate to admit it, but I've actually been keeping them in the molded styrofoam packaging they came in, and then on top of a cabinet. The whole setup is ugly, completely out of my 5'6" reach (possibly why I don't use them?) and a colossal waste of space.

I'm sure I'm missing an obvious solution. I've thought about putting them in a lower cupboard in some sort of plastic bin with a lid, but I have yet to find one that's the right size or shape. Anybody have any suggestions that I can be embarrassed for not thinking of myself? TIA!

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  1. As you've figured out, mine sit in a disposable Gladware container in a corner cabinet (where my other storage containers, stick blender and hand mixer also live). The higher-end food processors have blade/disc holders that you can find online:


    1. Although my Cuisinart food processor is fairly old, I have a covered storage container that was designed to hold the blades, slicing and shredding discs, and the stem that some of the blades attach to. http://www.google.com/products/catalo...

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        I have something similar, only without the cover. Works fine. I have 2 of them to hold all my blades.

      2. I have too many disks to fit in one of those nifty Cuisinart holders, so I bought a clear plastic hotel pan where I can stack them upright like a file. I store them under the counter.

        1. You can find clear plastic shoeboxes with lids at Container Store. I use these to hold all sorts of kitchen gadgets, from FP blades and cookie cutters, and I use a smaller "pencil case" type box for metal decorating tips.

          1. Just got a new toy/model from Cuisinart. The new one came with a housing container for all the blades and discs.

            1. I have a Black and Decker food processor, so i don't know if the sizes are comparable, but I am able to fit all of the attachments inside of the processor unit when it's not in use! The main blade goes on the shaft, the flat cutting disk fits on top of the shaft, the other 4 "blades" all manage to fit in loosely around. I think they designed the model that I own very well.

              1. i have the same problem, the only sort of solution for me is that I keep the blades in a clear jar. The unit i have does has a storage area but its hard to open and I pretty much have to take them all out to get the one I need, so the clear jar helps me. All the bigger pieces sadly are in a huge ziplock high above where they can't hurt anyone. I know its a terrible system.

                1. ok, don't mock me, but i actually sewed a little holder for the blades, like a knife roll. I used old placemats, sewed the compartments, attached a ribbon and now I can close it up, toss it in a drawer and not have to worry about severing a digit when I am digging around.

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                    Mock you??!? I'm way too awestruck and impressed for mockery.

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                        I don't know why I didn't think of that, so I am so glad I came to this site. Cudos to you for such a brilliant (and eco-friendly) solution.

                      2. Thanks for all of your suggestions, everyone. I'm glad to see that at least I'm not the only person who's considered this. I was sort of afraid that I'd get two responses and both of them would very politely asking me if how I managed to operate a computer without the brain I was obviously missing.

                        The Cuisinart blade-holder several of you posted about is nifty, but requires a larger footprint than I'd like. If my blades don't fit inside the bowl (which I actually never bothered to check - cf. missing brain) I think I need to redouble my efforts to search for some sort of container. My devious brain is suggesting that maybe I can attach it to the roof of my cabinet with magnets and get it out of the way a little . . . I'm very into efficient vertical-space utilization these days.

                        Any other ideas are still welcome, though - post 'em if ya got 'em!


                        1. I have a Cuisinart and can fit all of the blades and parts in the bowl. The standard/chopping blade goes on the shaft, the two disks go on top of that, then the disk stem and dough blades go in last.

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                            Hallelujah. I'll give that a try posthaste.

                            Still wondering why I never thought of that in the first place, though . . .

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                              It depends on the model you have, I don't think this is possible with all of them.

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                                Some of my attachments are still on top of the @#%! cupboard, so I'm not sure they'll all fit, but so far so good (chopper, post, one disk). I'm pretty sure there's only one more disk and the dough blade, and it looks like there's room.

                                Really, the things I spend time thinking about!

                          2. I have this "appliance garage" in the corner of my counter that holds the processor, blender, stick blender and more. I keep all of the flat blades, covers, etc. in a ziplock bag stuck on top of the processor in there. They're handy whenever I use the FP, and out of sight, and trouble, in there.

                              1. I took care of the problem about where to store the extra blade when I broke the shredder/slicer blade shredding carrots for carrot cake. I guess the carrots were too hard or at least I pushed them down too hard).