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Aug 12, 2010 09:11 AM

Healthy/good food options near Ludlow, VT?

In-laws have rented a place in Belmont, VT and invited us and our toddler for the week of 8/14-21. Any food coops/markets within reasonable driving distance? Good farmstands? Cheese shops? Toddler-friendly restaurants? Thanks!

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  1. WE are spoiled by DJ's in downtown Ludlow.
    We go there every time we're in Ludlow.
    A lively ,local ,friendly crowd at the bar and good home-made food with huge portions,excellent service,and very reasonable prices.
    I'm not sure about the "toddler-friendly "part was we have no kids with us but we've seen many well-mannered kids in high chairs there.
    The Pot Belly is good for lunch as well and we've seen many kids in there a well.

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      Thumbs up on Dj's-- Ive taken my kids there since they were tiny

      I'd also recommend Harry's on 103

    2. In Belmont you will be within two miles or so of the historic Crowley Cheese Factory, where they have been making cheese since the mid-19th Century. Great family activity (the doors open and cheese-making starts at 8 a.m. weekdays) with delicious benefits!

      Both Belmont and Ludlow have fledgling (new since last year) farmers' markets. Ludlow's is Fridays from 4 - 7 p.m. (And you may have noted Ludlow hosted the annual Zucchini Festival on August 14.) Londonderry on Saturday is well worth the drive, however.

      Our foodie favorite restaurant closer to Belmont/Mount Holly about 9 miles north of Ludlow is Harry's Mount Holly Cafe on Route 103. Never been with toddlers, but the vibe is definitely family friendly and food is excellent year after year. Closed Mondays.

      If you give "healthy" a break, try a maple creamee from the Green Mountain Sugar Shack on Route 100.

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        Harry's is OK with little kids. They have high chairs and a great mac and cheese that mine just gobbled up. The noise level is pretty high that you don't have to stress if the kids are being a bit loud.
        My favorite dishes there are soup/apps however. the corn chowder w/shrimp is too die for and my one can't miss item there