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Aug 12, 2010 09:08 AM

Jasper to Kamloops via Hwy 5...Anything good in between?

My family will be traveling from Jasper thru Kamloops to Vancouver next week and I was hoping there was somewhere good in between to stop for food.

Specifically, we will probably need a lunch stop somewhere on Highway 5 from Jasper to Kamloops. Are there any hidden gems along this road that chowhounders can share? Thanks.

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  1. Bump...Anything? Anything at all?

    1. I drove that last fall, camping in Mt Robson PP and Wells Gray PP along the way. We ate lunch at Jackman Flats PP (an interesting sand dunes walk), using deli items that we had bought in Jasper. Later we stopped for groceries in Valemount, though the pickings were rather slim. Later, after camping a couple of nights in Wells Gray, we spent a night in Clearwater, and ate at the restaurant attached to the Duck Lake motel. Turned out to be a Canadian-Chinese place, patronized mainly by German tourists staying at the motel. It was funny listening to the German speaking waitress explaining things like cajun wings and poutine. The food was ok..

      I wanted to try a coffee shop/bakery (Flower Meadow, German owners) near the visitor center in Clearwater, but it was closed when we passed by. In Kamloops we found a Cobs bakery, and meat market next door, and got more picnic items.

      There may be other options, but I didn't find them during my research before the trip, or while driving.

      1. I've heard good things about the Painted Turtle Restaurant in Clearwater. It's located at the Dutch Lake Resort.

        1. I know this was a really old question (2010), but we heard that The Caribou Grill in Valemount (B.C.) was totally worth the stop.

          If anyone has recent experience, we'd like to know because we have an overnight stay planned for the area in two weeks.

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              Wow, who knew? And in Kamloops. Thanks. I also liked the blogger's style for the food descriptions.