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Aug 12, 2010 08:25 AM


Has anyone been to Daldongnae Korean restaurant? I'm trying to find a new joint to frequent since the one I've been going to scored a failing 60 on their most recent health inspection.

I found a good review. Looks like they have the infamous army soup and other unusual dishes. Can anyone else vouch for this restaurant?

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  1. Some Korean friends have mentioned it to me. The main reason to go is because they are open super late (I think til 3 or 4 am), and the menu has many dishes which are family sized soups/cassseroles served in gargantuan portions. These can feed 3-4 quite easily, leftovers are highly likely, and the cost is driven down around $10-15 a head. Also been told to try their budae jjigae (army soup) but I'm a little apprehensive cuz of the spam. Maybe I'd feel up to it after a night of drinking/karaoke/all of the above. Supposed to have decent banchan.

    More on that soup here...

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      Spam jjigae done well is great tasting. It's the only way I've actually eaten spam.

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      1. Well I'll go check this place out nonetheless. I hope they have GeiJang (raw crabs) because that's a dish I've been wanting to try. The review says they have unusual korean dishes, and the Budae Jigae is definitely a good example.

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          was very good. Their stewpots are huuuuuuuuuge. In a stew of cod I got a whole fish, with all the nasty bits accentuated, lots of fresh herbs, kimchi, tofu, roe sacks, etc. Comes out like sichuan hotpot with portable burner on the table. Good thing. It's enough food to feed 3 people. The Buddae Jiggae is interesting to say the least: spam, hotdogs, and ramen noodles. Yes, the 10 cent variety still in square form in the dish itself, but it worked. Also got kimchi pancake. At alot of places you order this and it's just a regular pajeon with an orange color, but this had enough kimchi inside of it to crunch.

          The panchan was decent. Actually the classic kimchi offering was among the best and most flavorful I've had. Also got fish cake with oyster mushroom, spam hotdogs and chili, egg custard, dried fish in chili, salad, pickled raddish, greens, etc.

          Will be going back.